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Structured Products and Deposit Plans


Structured Products and Deposit Plans

Structured Products and Deposit Plans

The landscape for products and services is constantly changing, with Covid and business logistics impacting many product solutions and services.

Recently, Investec Bank have confirmed their withdrawal from product construction after 12 years building product solutions for investors.

Investec were successful for both investors and raising capital for the Bank – so citing commercial efficiency against the current backdrop of the economic environment has created sufficient impact for Investec Bank to stop designing and issuing Structured Investment and Structured Deposit Plans.

There are ‘thankfully’ new and strong plans in existence and new providers coming to the sector.  MB Structured Investments is one such example – check our the range of quality plans available via our website.

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Structured Products and Deposit Plans



Quality products require quality, effective and efficient distribution.  Cavendish online have recently taken the decision to withdraw from distributing Structured Products.  Their recent update confirmed that “our structured product offering has become no longer economically viable“.  This leaves Bestpricefs at the forefront of Structured Product distribution in relation to both non-advised transactional investments – via an Appropriateness ‘Risk’ Questionnaire, along with enabling expert, professional Independent Financial Advice.

Investment outcomes are improved with lower cost acquisition – naturally.

Bestpricefs confirm that full commitment is given to the suitable distribution of Structured Products (investment/capital at risk and deposit plans).  We are working closely with the leading Plan Managers and issuers to further build quality information, education and solutions for the national audience of investors.

We know that our price point of product access and professional advice is at the lowest published in the UK and Europe (that was applicable!).

Clearly, the distribution solutions and advice is likely to be ‘funnelled’ between fewer larger scale distributors so we are issuing our commitment to the sector and looking to develop further products and investment benefits for our clients and investment consumers.

We very much trust this communication assures the sector of our support and we look forward to providing services to new clients.

We ‘love’ quality Structured Investment and Deposit Plans and we know that informed investors feel likewise.

Bestpricefs are committed and focused to the Structured Product sector.

Warmest Regards.

Best Price FS Team

Advice: Simply click here to get in touch if you wish to receive regulated advice in relation to the ‘suitability’ of the plans to meet your investment needs.