feature-image-financial-spring-cleanThis week we’ve partnered up with Peter Christopher, a leading personal finance blogger and editor at Finance Care Guide. Here are his five fantastic tips to kick-start your financial spring clean.


Spring is a time when many of us get busy dusting our households and do it up in a more lively and lovely way. But while investing our money, time and effort for this purpose, we often ignore that such cleansing and refreshment are equally – if not more – important when it comes to our finances. And spring is the high time to do a routine check-up of our finances with a view to restructure them in a far better way for the year ahead.

Annual update and rearrangement could improve your financial situation by helping you save expenses. We decided to speak with a financial advisor in Portland and get familiar with five important aspects of finance cleansing during springtime.


Start with re-budgeting  

Just like everything in this world, change is the only constant for your budget. With income, objectives, requirements, lifestyle and cost of living likely to change, yearly evaluation of your budget is what will brazenly point it out if the current budget will continue working for you or need some adjustment.

Budget reassessment could help you identify the areas of unnecessary expenses and pull plug on them. Free up unnecessarily occupied space on your budget, you could save a decent figure.

Reevaluate financial statements

As part of your spring cleansing program, collect the most recent financial statements in form of bank accounts, credit cards, investment, insurance policies, mortgage payment and retirement scheme. Taking a yearly snapshot of your current finance condition will help you understand if you are on the right track if long-term financial goals are concerned. Use of online tool to get a clear and complete hang of holistic financial condition is now a trend and most of these tools are available at free of cost.

Reorganize your files

Importance of keeping track of your financial records cannot be stressed enough. The files and documents, which serve no purpose to you, must be thrown into dustbin to reduce paperwork. A better, easier, smarter and safer way to reorganize your financial statements is to save them on the internet. Also make sure to have a backup of your file so that in the event of technical faults, your files and financial documents will always be safe. Always keep the most important papers, which you may need in times of emergency, in a safe but easily accessible place. Carry your credit card and other necessities in the wallet, which you may need in your daily life.

Assess your credit score

Regular cleaning in this regard – at least once in a year – will give a big boost to your credit rank and also reduce the risk of identity theft. Let the Credit Counseling Dallas to check your credit report thoroughly to identify and correct if any error is there. Owning multiple credit cars could prove to be disastrous for your credit rank. Get rid of the unused ones and keep hold of those being in use for a long time.

Consolidate your debt payments

If you have multiple debts to your name, debt consolidation is an effective way to get rid of remembering and managing multiple payments.  However, an impressive credit record is often a mandatory criterion for debt consolidation. Go for automatic deduction to avoid incurring late fees. Staying organized is most important in every aspect of life. And reorganization of finance is a way to assert that you are able to keep pace with changing time and needs.


So there you have it –  your 5 top tips for a financial spring clean. For more hints and tips visit this website and follow Christopher on Twitter and GooglePlus today.

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