Politically Punch drunk, Investment markets and Structured Product information

  Politically Punch drunk, Investment markets and Structured Product information (as requested by a number of clients). Brexit Politics At home, it seems we’re a little punch drunk in relation…

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Investment Markets; currently controlled by Politics rather than economic fundamentals 

  Following a weekend of sporting success (may the success continue; hopefully winning FIFA WC), beautiful weather and up to midnight, last night, some cabinet accord in relation to the…

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Investment Markets-Bumps in the road increase….

With the UK’s main investment index breaking 7900 just a couple of weeks ago, volatility has returned, created by a number of factors, tariffs being one of them, dragging the…

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Financial Market Update January 2018

Financial Markets Snapshot 11/01/18 FTSE 1007,741.72 FTAS4,241.29 GBP/USD$1.34 GBP/EUR€1.12 (Accurate as of 10:30am) Investment Markets and Financial Regulation Investment sentiment has remained strong (to this point) at the start of the year, following a year with…

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Why Relying on the Motor Insurers’ Bureau to Make an Uninsured Loss Recovery Claim May Not be Your Best Bet

    Claims following accidents with uninsured drivers are on the up, according to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) and Hughes & Coleman Louisville Dixiee accident lawyers. After more than…

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home security tips burglary

Leave Your Mark – Home Security Tips Part 3

In the third instalment of this three-part series, we explain how to mark and record your valuable household items to prevent them from theft.   Feeling safe and secure in your…

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home emergency cover doorstep fraud

How Home Emergency Cover Can Help Elderly Homeowners

Recent figures gathered by charity for the elderly Age UK show that door-to-door visits to elderly homeowners from bogus tradesmen occur over five and a half thousand times a year…

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zika virus tips mosquito

The ZIKA Virus: Everything you need to know

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the Zika virus a global public health emergency. It’s predicted that it’ll affect up to 3-4 million people in the Americas and with…

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home emergency boiler cover

How to #CutCostsNotComfort This Winter

Cold spells are just around the corner, but Home Emergency Cover from Best Price FS will help you cut the costs whilst staying comfortable this winter.     Home Emergency Cover provides…

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