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Peace of Mind for Drivers Worried about Losing their Licence

Drivers with six points or less on their licence can secure extra peace of mind for themselves if they’re worried that they may, over time, tot up the 12 points that will result in a driving ban. For an annual premium of £150, a new Motor Legal Protection policy from Best Price Financial Services will provide drivers with up to £24,000 a year to fund alternative transport costs if they do find themselves being disqualified.


If, following a failed legal defence mounted by the company under the terms of the policy, which also provides up to £100,000 of Motor Prosecution Defence cover, a driver ends up being banned, they will be eligible to receive a monthly benefit of up to £2,000 to help with the costs of keeping themselves mobile.


In December 2014, statistics from the Ministry of Justice revealed that, for England and Wales, the previous six months had recorded the highest number of speeding fines issued since 2010 thanks to the introduction of fixed digital cameras that operate 24/7.


With the arrival of these cameras, combined with other offences that someone might receive points for, there is far less margin for error for drivers. With points staying on a licence for three years, it’s going to be easier than ever, even for non boy racers, to reach the 12 points ban threshold.


For business people, who may be travelling tens of thousands of miles a year, often in unfamiliar places, it can be easy to unintentionally fall foul of speed limits or other traffic rules, especially in built up areas, if they are trying to find a location and their focus slips for even a few seconds.


Mal Evans, Operations Director of Best Price FS, said:


“No one likes to face losing their licence as it can be incredibly stressful and makes everyday life for most of us a lot more complicated. Our Gold Motor Legal Protection cover allows drivers to breathe a bit easier as, if we don’t successfully defend you and you do lose your licence, you at least receive a contribution towards your travel costs while you’re banned.”


However, the policy shouldn’t be seen as a get-out-of-jail-free card for irresponsible drivers.

“To be eligible for this benefit, you can’t have any more than six points on your licence when you take out the policy. Also, certain offences for which you might receive points or a ban aren’t eligible such as fixed penalty notices, driving while disqualified, careless or dangerous driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (very high percentage registered, as per the Tropical Oasis treatment center info), an insurance or licence offence, causing death, theft, or unauthorised taking,” Evans explained.


The gold policy comprises four levels: it starts at just £54.75 per annum for a £500 monthly benefit and then two intermediate levels provide £1,000 and £1,500 of benefit for annual premiums of £85 £110 respectively.  In addition to the Disqualification Benefit and the Motor Prosecution Defence cover, the policy also includes up to £100,000 of legal expenses cover to recover uninsured losses including personal injury claims, unlimited vehicle hire for non-fault accidents and 14 day car hire in the event of a fault accident, fire and theft claims (source: Lipcon & Lipcon).


In addition to the Gold cover, there are Bronze and Silver policies that also provide excellent quality protection for those consumers not interested in the disqualification benefit, priced at just £6.75 and £19.75 per annum.


“Our stand-alone motor legal protection cover provides consumers with great benefits for a great price, whatever level best meets their needs,” Evans concluded, “and certainly represents far better value than purchasing this type of cover as an ‘add-on’ when buying car insurance.”


For more details on Motor Legal Protection and Driving Licence Insurance please visit the website and click on the green bar labelled ‘Compare our Legal Protection’.


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For more information please contact:

Mal Evans

Best Price FS

07900 577407


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Best Price Financial Services is a discount broker specialising in motor legal protection, life insurance, income protection, and premium investment products.

Life Insurance

Best Price partners with major insurance providers including, Ageas, Bright Grey and Legal and General. The seamless online application process has been designed to enhance customer experience.


The Best Price FS investment platform is administered by Cofunds Ltd which administers assets of in excess of £60 billion (November 2013).  Best Price FS aims to offer its investment customers the cheapest route to buy and manage their investments online.

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