Central heating cover with emergency assistance.

A cold home is never ideal - especially in the winter. At just £91.25, central heating cover is included in part of our Home Emergency Cover package. There’s no excess and no limit to the number of claims you can make per year, so your home will never go cold. Our central heating cover will save you both time and money!

Central heating cover means you won’t need to pay out for expensive emergency call-outs and will have emergency assistance on hand 24/7. There are no restrictions on the age and type of central heating system, as long as it is well-maintained (excluding solar-powered heating systems).

Get central heating cover included in our Home Emergency Cover today, all for just all for just £91.25.

Please download and read the Key Facts & Policy Wording for a full description of all the benefits and protection, prior to proceeding with your purchase.

Home Emergency Cover
£91.25 Per Year
  • Zero excess & No call-out changes
  • No restrictions on the age of your central heating system
  • £1,000 of assistance provided per incident
  • No limit to the number of claims you can make
  • Access to a 24/7 helpline, 365 days a year
What's Covered?
boiler breakdown cover
Boiler & Heating

In the case of sudden failure of your main domestic heating system, emergency assistance will be provided by a qualified engineer to carry out repairs to get your system running again.

pipes and drains
Pipes & Drains

Including blockage, breakage, flooding of or damage to your domestic drains or plumbing system. You'll receive emergency assistance to return your home to a safe and usable condition.

toilet damage
Toilet Damage

If the only toilet accessible to all residents in your home is damaged, either materially or mechanically and to an extent which leaves it unusable, emergency assistance will be provided.

roof repairs
Roof Repairs

If your roof (all types covered) suffers any damage which has or is likely to cause internal damage to your home then an approved contractor will be on hand to provide emergency repairs.

home security
Home Security

If damage to your external windows, locks or doors compromises the security of your home, a tradesman will attend your home to provide emergency repairs and make your home safe and secure.

electrical repairs
Gas & Electricity

Emergency assistance is available in the event of sudden failure of your domestic power supply. This covers both electricity and gas within the home but not the mains supply to the home.


If your home remains uninhabitable after a domestic incident which falls under this policy, you'll receive up to £250 towards the cost of overnight emergency accommodation in a suitable hotel.

lost keys
Lost Keys

You'll be covered in the event of loss of the only available set of keys to your home. This is if you cannot gain normal access to your home or if a replacement set is unavailable.

pest infestations
Pest Infestations

Sudden infestation of your home by pests - including wasps, rats and hornets - is covered by this policy. Note that this excludes any protected species, such as bees or bats.

Central Heating Cover without the restrictions

Home Emergency Cover includes central heating cover as part of the standard package. A service for the boiler is not included, but emergency assistance is on hand throughout the day and night, all year round with our 24/7 help line access. Central heating cover accepts boilers of all ages and types, excluding solar powered.

Central heating systems of all ages are covered. Buy Now

What makes our Central Heating Cover the Best?

As it is included as part of our home emergency cover, our central heating cover comes as part of a package designed to make you feel safe and secure. We work to ensure all inconvenience and damage to your home is prevented and that you are never left without heating or hot water in the event of a central heating system failure. For all emergencies, including central heating ones, we provide up to £1,000 per claim. There’s also no limit to the number of claims that can be made throughout the year for separate incidents and you will have full access to a 24/7 helpline.

Central heating cover is a wise step to take when it comes to protecting you and your family against domestic emergencies. You will also not have to pay out for expensive emergency call-outs, which can save you a lot of money over a year. Be sure to find out if your house fits in with this policy - click here to find out what's not covered.


Included as standard in Home Emergency Cover

Cover for your main central heating system is included as standard in Home Emergency Cover. This insures you against all manner of emergencies around the home, such as blocked drains, damage to windows or doors, lost keys, roof damage, and failure of your power supply. This emergency assistance will even provide overnight hotel acccommodation if your home is left uninhabitable after an incident. Find out the full range of benefits Home Emergency Cover includes.

Home Emergency & Central Heating Cover, just £91.25 a year. Buy Now

Got a question?

We hope that we've answered all your questions here, but if you happen to have a further query then check out our Home Emergency FAQs page, answering all your most commonly-asked questions. If you still can't find what you're looking for then please Contact Us; we're always happy to help.

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