Most of our competitors charge a minimum commission fee of 2.5% for finding the best annuity package for you, which is deducted from your annuity pot. WE DON'T!!!! We instead charge a flat fee of £250 on all annuity pension funds regardless of size. Is this a good deal??? Well on annuity pots bigger than £10,000, it will very much work in your favour if you came to us. Just take a look at this quick comparison below:

  Best Price Financial Services Our Competitors
Fee: £250 2.5%
Your Investment £100,000 £100,000
Your Annuity Pot £99,750 £97,500

From this calculation you will have an extra £2,250 in your annuity pot. Not bad is it?

So why Choose Us?

  • Fast and efficient way to purchase online.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Low commission fees
  • Variety of Annuity products and suppliers available.
  • Advice is at hand if requested.

What Could I Potentially Receive?

After the commission has been deducted for finding you the best Annuity product, what will you be left with? We recently went through our online system and found out you could receive: -

Why You Need To Compare Your Annuities*
When You Don't Shop Around... When You Shop With BEST PRICE Financial Services!

If you stay with your pension provider

If you're healthy

If you have lifestyle or health conditions

  up to 12% up to 31%
£1,200 p.a.
£1,350 p.a.
£1,740 p.a.

* The increases quoted are based on a male aged 65, with a £25,000 fund, 5 year guarantee period, no escalation, no value protection, based on CF31 3TP postcode, paid monthly in advance. Rate offered via Avelo Partnership Exchange on 26/09/2012. The comparison is based on rates available via the open market option only.

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