Specialised Foreign Exchange Services

Achieve greater certainty from global financial transactions

Best Price Financial Services are working with Godi Financial to help you reduce fees on Foreign Exchange transactions

At Godi our mission is to help businesses and individuals with currency requirements achieve greater profit, and greater certainty of outcome from their global financial transactions.

Established in 2012 as OSTC Foreign Exchange, Godi Financial offers clients specialised foreign exchange services with an emphasis on trust, transparency, education and competitive exchange rates. With offices in London, Swansea and Warsaw, Godi already serves over 1000 private and corporate clients and as of August 2018 we had processed in excess of £500m in transactions.

Who could save money and benefit from using Godi Financial?

  1. Private Individual

    1. Are you looking to purchase a property abroad?

    2. Are you looking to emigrate and transfer savings to an overseas account?

    3. Are you planning to work overseas and get paid in a foreign currency?

    4. Have you inherited money from an overseas estate?

  2. Business/Corporate

    1. Does your company import? Are you buying goods/services or raw materials in a foreign currency?

    2. Does your company export? Are you getting paid in an overseas currency that needs to be exchanged back into Sterling?

    3. Are you concerned about the impact the volatile Pound is having on your bottom line?

If the answer to any of the above is yes then quite simply you could benefit from the competitive exchange rates Godi offers and the level of personalised service we can provide.

Why use an FX Broker like Godi Financial?

  1. Highly competitive Bank-Beating Exchange Rates

  2. The Process - Easy to open account, simple to use

  3. 100% Safe and Secure

  4. Fast, efficient and Low Cost payments

  5. Dedicated Expert Key Account Manager

  6. Robust Currency Tools (Spot, Forward, Market Orders)

  7. Free Currency Audit – Don’t just take our word for it

1. Highly competitive Bank-Beating Exchange Rates

Traditionally high street banks were the first port of call when it came to making international payments, but now people are realising the huge savings that can be made through the use of FX specialists like Godi Financial.

In our experience, and through the countless currency audits we have run for our clients over the years, high street banks have typically been charging upwards of 2% on currency transactions. In stark contrast Godi Financial’s average spread is just 0.3-0.4%.

To put that in to context and in monetary terms:

The cost to buy €100,000.00 Euro’s at 2.20pm on Monday 5th November 2018:

  • Typical High Street Bank (2% Spread):

    • Exchange Rate of 1.1199

    • Cost to the Bank’s Client £89,293.69

  • Godi Financial (0.3% Spread)

    • Exchange Rate of 1.1394

    • Cost to our Client £87,765.49

That same trade, at the exact same time would have cost £1,428.20 less through Godi Financial.

Definition: Spread/Margin: These terms are often used interchangeably, but when we refer to a spread or margin it is simply the percentage difference between the Mid-Market (Interbank) rate and the exchange rate that is then passed on to the consumer. In the above example the Mid-Market rate was 1.1428, so if you then take away our spread of 0.3% you get the client rate of 1.1394.

2.The Process - Easy to open account, simple to use

Opening an Account

Opening a personal or corporate account with Godi Financial couldn’t be easier. Opening an account is free of charge and there is absolutely no obligation to use when opened. Once our Accounts Opening team have received the below documents an account can typically be opened within a matter of hours.

Private Account:

  • A simple application form

  • Proof of ID (Passport or Driving Licence)

  • Proof of Address (Utility Bill, Bank Statement etc)

Corporate Account:

  • A simple application form

  • Certificate of incorporation

  • Proof of trading address

  • Proof of ID and Address for any 25%+ shareholders

Getting a quote

Once you have successfully opened an account you will receive a welcome email from Godi Financial at which point you will also be assigned a personal account manager, your very own currency expert as it were. To get a quote on your currency requirements simply call or email your dedicated expert, let them know what currency you wish to buy or sell, the amounts needed, and your preferred settlement date (Date you wish to complete the trade). They will then provide a Bank-Beating exchange rate for you.

Confirming a Quote

Providing you are happy with the Bank-Beating exchange rate quoted by your account manager you then need to confirm that you wish to proceed and that you want that quote ‘locked in’. It is crucial to understand beforehand that once you confirm any quote it is then physically locked in and you are obligated to settle the trade. Once confirmed your account manager will email a contract note across to you confirming all the trade details and the relevant banking instructions.

Transferring your Funds – Once you have confirmed you wish to proceed and lock in that bank beating exchange rate quoted by your account manager you then need to transfer your funds to Godi Financial in order to settle the exchange. To do this you would need to make a bank transfer direct from your bank account to Godi Financial. Your funds would need to land with Godi on the agreed settlement date.

Making your payment – Upon receipt of your funds, Godi then convert the funds accordingly and make a same day payment to your chosen beneficiary account. In order to do this you would need to provide Godi with the following details:

  • Name and Address of the Chosen Beneficiary

  • Bank Account Details for the Beneficiary

3. 100% Safe and Secure

Security and protection of funds are paramount to Godi Financial. All client funds are held in segregated accounts with their tier-1 banking provider and protected by EU regulations.

Godi Financial is authorised by the FCA under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 (No 588884) and is a registered money service business. For more visit: www.godi.io/disclaimer

4. Fast, Efficient and Low Cost Payments

Whilst the Banks are notoriously slow to process and make international payments, at Godi Financial we pride ourselves on the speed in which we can turn payments around for our clients. All payments in GBP, USD and Euro for example will be made same-day. So once they leave our accounts they will then land with the beneficiary bank by close of business that same day*

Alongside providing poor rates of exchange, banks are also guilty of adding high fees to boot on making international payments. These fees can be as much as £25 and can be applied regardless of the size of your transaction. At Godi Financial we absorb all the costs of making your international payments providing the transaction is above £5,000.00 or equivalent. Should you wish to carry out a transaction under this threshold we would simply add a £10 fee.

*This can vary depending on the time-zone to which the funds are being sent. For example a payment to the Far East might not credit the beneficiary until the next morning their time as they are potentially 8-12 hours ahead.

Expert Key Account Manager

From the moment you sign up Godi will assign you with your own personal account manager. Our friendly experts will guide you through the process, providing as much assistance as you need. There will be no more calling faceless call centres and being bounced from pillar to post as is so often the case in our industry with the ‘larger’ players. At Godi we recognise the importance of building relationships and that people want a single point of contact who understands their individual or business needs and requirements.

Robust Currency Tools (Spot, Forward, Market Orders)

There is rarely a one size fits all approach to managing currency risk and so a combination of tools should be considered. As always our experts are on hand to run through these tools and how they could be used as part of an overarching strategy:

Spot Contracts – A spot contract is the most simplistic tool available and allows you to lock in a competitive exchange rate for immediate settlement.

Perfect if you have a payment that needs to be made imminently or within a matter of days.

Forward Contracts – A forward contract allows you to lock in the prevailing exchange rate but for settlement at an agreed date in the future, providing certainty and protection against adverse currency moves.

Perfect if you have a future currency requirement but you want to fix in a rate now.

Market Orders – Market orders are a fantastic tool if you have a specific exchange rate in mind that you wish to achieve. An order can be placed in the system that will be automatically triggered should it reach your desired rate. Market orders can be either ‘limit’ or ‘stop-loss’, whereby the limit order would be placed to achieve a desired rate if the market moves in your favour, or a stop-loss which would trigger at a lower level should the market move against you.

Perfect if you have a desired exchange rate in mind but don’t necessarily have any time constraint to achieve it.

Free Currency Audit – Don’t just take our word for it

If this isn’t your first foray into currency exchange our complimentary currency audits can show you exactly what you have been charged for historical transactions by your previous/current provider. By providing us with some simple information (E.g. time, date, rate and currency pair) we can show you in black and white the savings that we could have provided at that exact same point in time. At Godi we firmly believe in full transparency and as such we disclose the spread/margin that we charge our clients from the outset. This unfortunately is not the norm within our industry but we are proud to be blazing a trail on this front.

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