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Good Afternoon

Covid-19 has certainly created challenges for investors especially if allocated (overweight) to an index (FTSE 100 – without contract based terms, provided by Structures), or in locked down companies which have been hugely impacted by the Covid-19 health crisis.

Using a professional adviser should benefit investors, where an investment process manages risk – to deliver suitable investment outcomes which is why, as an Independent Advice Business (IFA), we stress the importance of selecting assets from the investment universe rather than from a ‘closed box’ of investment funds/assets.

Scarily, a review has recently been produced by Yodelar which highlights the poor performance of the largest Tied/Restricted Advice business in the UK – St James’s Place.  Click the link to read the article in full: https://www.yodelar.com/insights/st-jamess-place-review

The article points to the high charges and poor performance delivered by SJP – with over 50% of SJP’s funds ranking the worst 25% within their relative sector over 5 years.

Over 72% of SJP’s funds perform worse than the Benchmark.  SJP’s initial and ongoing charges are amongst the highest in the advice sector.

The value of Independent Advice is clearer than ever…..

The data provides the facts, so we urge any holders of SJP products to engage in reviews and challenge their investment results in relation to delivering value for money and suitability.  (We know if our ‘value add’ was as weak as the results published, we would certainly be challenged by our investment clients and most probably hemorrhage investment capital).

Thankfully, we have delivered the polar opposite for our investment clients, carrying out periodic reviews with clients (remotely) in recent months – providing clarity and transparency with our investment results.

Facts are facts – as they say……

If you would like to review ‘forgotten products’ and certainly investment plans arranged by SJP, simply get in touch.

If nothing else, you will understand the ‘facts’ and gather perspective in relation to alternative professional advice, results and support.

Best Wishes.

Richard and the Best Price FS Team