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Driving Licence Insurance: How to get from A to B after a ban

Question: What do Sarah Harding, Rio Ferdinand, Stephen Fry, and Derek Acorah have in common?

Answer: They are all famous people who have either been banned from driving or narrowly avoided a ban in the past 18 months.

Thanks to an explosion in the use of speed cameras in recent years, they are far from alone. Thousands of drivers are banned from driving every week now – usually for a number of speeding offences putting them above 12 penalty points.

In response to this growing problem, discount broker Best Price FS  an innovative website providing financial services products online, has launched a new product that allows people who have been banned from driving to still get from A to B.

Paid in monthly instalments directly to the claimant, this cover can be used to finance alternative modes of transport. With four flexible levels of cover, it is one of the best policies on the market. Prices start from £54.75 a year for the gold cover.

The four levels of coverage which can be selected when purchasing the gold package are: £500, £1000, £1500 and £2000. This means that if someone is banned from driving after a failed legal defence by Best Price FS, provided they have 6 points or less on their license at the start of the policy, and are covered by the terms and conditions laid out in the cover, then they will receive the monthly instalments. These can aid with transport costs whilst they are banned from driving.

Richard Harry, Director of Best Price FS, said:

“With an array of options to choose from, if unfortunately you are banned from driving after a failed legal defence, you can be safe in the knowledge that with our Gold cover you will have money paid to you monthly so you can still get to work and continue with your daily routine.

“If a person uses their car to travel long distances in a month, it would be more logical to buy the cover that allows them £2000 a month for transport. However, if it is someone who barely travels, then the £500 would be more appropriate. Either way, Best Price can keep people working with these new packages.”

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