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Would a return of 7% per annum be enough for you to put your capital at risk for an event that has never happened? (although past performance/results are not a quide to future performance/results).

FTSE100 defensive autocalls remain the most popular structured product in the UK, why is this?

An investor knows exactly what they are getting, taking on a defined number of risks for a predetermined return. In the product listed below an investor is risking capital for an event which to this point has not failed to deliver (Backtesting back to 1984) and for this potential a headline return of 7% is offered.

For a deeper dive into the risks then the full article written by one of the Directors at Dura Capital Nick Johal is linked below;

Dura Capital have recently launched their 30th Plan. Keeping true to their values “Simplicity, Accessibility, Value and Support” they are offering a FTSE100 defensive autocall from Credit Suisse with the potential to pay 7% even if the FTSE100 falls up to 25% from its initial level and capital is protected even if the FTSE100 has fallen by up to 40% at the end of the term.

Who is the plan aimed at and how can I access this investment?

This Plan is targeted at investors who are looking for equity-linked returns over an 8 year period, but are comfortable that the investment may mature early. It is also intended for investors who are cautious with their views on equity market growth.

Investors should be prepared to risk their capital to have the potential of achieving higher returns. Investors should be able to understand complex products and the risks associated with this investment.


Don’t forget the risks– Click the link to read about the risks involved with structured investment products.


Investments can be made either direct, via SIPP/SSAS wrapper and via ISA’s.



Plan Promotion


The promotion of this product does not represent ‘’advice’’. Advice is always specific to the needs of the individual/entity, following the ‘’know your customer’’ journey- which subsequently provides for a suitability recommendation.

If you require ‘’advice’’- simply get in touch.


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