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Good Morning

1.       Federal Reserve (Fed) cut interest rate by 0.25%

2.       What’s next for the Trump impeachment enquiry?
(Many investors are asking questions about this position)


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The Fed has cut the benchmark rate by 0.25% following data revealing weakening exports and business investment, as the US-China Trade issues continue.   Rate cut ‘tends’ to weaken the currency so potentially supporting exporting…

Fed Chair, Jerome Powell, clearly wanted to stay as ‘neutral’ as possible, although uncertainties clearly remain.  The Fed will assess the appropriate rate path while hinting at a pause in future cuts.

Core inflation is running below 2% so stimulus is needed.

The US consumer remains robust, according to data, but sentiment in respect of business and economics requires support; following figures showing a slowdown was continuing.

Click the link to read a Sky News article: https://apple.news/AtcMF1eSCSlegVXJkDw_eoA

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What’s next for the Trump impeachment enquiry?

We are often asked by clients about the developments in relation to the position in respect of the investigation into the impeachment of Donald Trump.  This morning a useful article was written by Sky News’ US Correspondent, Cordelia Lynch.

The 2-minute video will help understand the position quickly.  Click the link below to read the article and watch the video: https://apple.news/AMgoQpjkHSv2owE0MiZEgZw

We trust these updates help.

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