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iDAD expand product offerings with a Defensive SuperTracker from Goldman Sachs


iDAD have launched a new 6-year Callable Defensive SuperTracker Plan from Goldman Sachs International and sees the continuation of the ‘callable’ feature used within their deposit plan range. This plan is a capital at risk Structured Product, rather than a deposit plan as you will see the coupon reflected in the risk/return profile of the contract.

The callable feature adds value to the plan in terms of enhanced participation for such a strong protection level, as well as the opportunity for an early maturity with a 10% coupon. Goldman Sachs have the ability to call the plan early if the performance of the FTSE 100 could mean the annual return would be more than 10% pa.

The 300% participation, if the plan does not mature early starts from a defensive level (5% lower than the FTSE 100 initial level). If the plan is called, 10% pa for each year is a great return and investors have an opportunity to reassess their needs. The plan benefits from an end of term capital barrier of 50%.


This is a capital at risk plan and further details can be found within the brochure and accompanying literature available on BestPriceFS by clicking on the link above.

Don’t Forget the Risks ….


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