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Invest – or wait for Recovery?

The dilemma that many savvy investors have is that their hearts will be pounding, asking – ‘Is it a once in a generation opportunity to enter into the markets?’  However, at the same time their minds/brains will be probably screaming louder that this is a time to be cautious and that the markets can fall further yet, which is likely ….  Well, it is possible to invest in products that protect against these further falls, up to 40% for instance and yet still offer attractive rates irrespective if there is a bounce or not!  Many Structures can deliver in a flat market.

Introducing Structured Products

Introducing the Structured Product which demonstrated its last period of increased demand back in 2008 to 2010, through the last great crisis falls, the Global Financial Crisis!

With interest rates at new historic lows and near to zero – with the likelihood for remaining very low for a long period of time – the search is on for suitable long-term investments.

These ‘Structured Products’ are sometimes considered as a more palatable way of entering the market at times of heightened market uncertainty, when the worry is of further falls.  At least you enter knowing there is more reassurance against further falls and based on T & C’s of their Brochures, that they are contractually obliged to deliver.  They usually protect against falls of around 40% and after significant recent falls, the barrier protection provides the ‘comfort’ of being defensive.

A barrier creates the feeling of a floor to your entry point and that whilst there may be further falls your original investment is still aligned to the T & C’s in the Brochure.

For these savvy investors looking for double digit returns as a reward for entering during uncertain markets, the Structured Product market can offer double digit potentials with the extra reassurance if markets were to continue to fall, so appeasing both the Heart and Mind!

For those investors who may have been sat in Cash, they may have been waiting for the right time to gain market exposure; or investors who aren’t as savvy – they may not be aware of these opportunities.  For this type of investor, they may prefer the most defensive type of Structured Products, for instance a Step-Down Kick-Out covering a 35% fall and still on for delivering a return of around 7% p.a.  This may fulfil an investor’s more cautious nature, aligned to where the monies are coming from.  This type of very defensive products may provide a greater sense of increased certainty to being able to deliver against the T & C’s of these plans.

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