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Investment Construction
Investment Construction and Asset Allocation
Investment Construction
Firstly, we trust that you and your family are well.

Investment Markets

The past Covid year has been a roller coaster ride for investors, with investment markets initially ‘free falling’ due to the complete uncertainty of the outcome of what was in effect a developed world lockdown of business – at least for the first few weeks of the Pandemic.

As ‘Stay at home’ companies benefited from increased consumption their share price increased, leaving travel and leisure and other sectors in a world of pain!  (Some asset prices falling 80-90% of the pre-Covid asset price).

A broadening out of the investment market has transpired, with travel, leisure and energy sectors improving substantially off their lows.

Next to ‘zero’ interest rates have supported investment markets, with the Banks, as a sector, also improving greatly as the anticipated ‘credit impairment’ of the Banks has not developed (to this point) at the level anticipated.

Deploying capital in accordance with an investor’s needs and risk tolerance and capacity to suffer loss is therefore essential as ‘inflation’, which impacts the buying power of an investor’s capital, is increasing so countering inflation with a suitable investment programme and asset allocation is imperative.

Our investment clients will know from ‘actual experience’ that our risk adjusted investment portfolio returns have been market leading for many years, with the Pandemic illustrating our ‘value add’ in even clearer terms, so we point all investors to the recommendation of regular consideration of personal needs and objectives, making sure that assets are positioned to align with these objectives.

Advisers plan; based upon ‘input’ from investors.  As investors’ needs change, it is essential that these changes are communicated so changes can be made, if required, so to produce an ongoing suitable financial plan.

Structured Products

Our clients will know that we present Structured Product solutions from across the market of issuers as plans are launched.  We are firmly of the mindset that Structures provide ‘Alpha by contract’ to balance an investment portfolio – always being cognizant of ‘Risks’.

A recent article written by Ian Lowes discusses the adoption of ‘Structures’.   Click here to read “What is alternative?”

The article is written for Professional Advisers but retail investors will benefit from reading the comments, I feel.

Self directed investors will be aware of our ‘best price’ price point for investment access – as we are at the lowest point of access in the UK so we naturally urge investors to consider their investment construction and gather advice as to how asset improvement can be made – at the ‘bestpricefs’.

If advice is required, simply get in touch.  We will do all we can to assist.

Best Regards.

Richard and the Best Price FS Team

Advice: Simply click here to get in touch if you wish to receive regulated advice in relation to the ‘suitability’ of the plans to meet your investment needs.