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Following on from our communication in March, we thought it may be beneficial to provide an ‘at a glance’ investment market overview.


Sterling has reached levels not seen since the EU Referendum, where the Dollar continues to weaken – with traders expecting further interest rate rises in May.
Employment data, recently released further supported the expectation of a rate rise as the numbers indicated growth at its strongest for 3 years.
Meanwhile, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) data released on Wednesday showed inflation cooling to 2.5%; the weakest level in a year – below the estimated 2.7% level.
Following this news, Sterling fell from its highs and speculation of additional rate hikes – after the anticipated increase next month abated.


The UK and EU are to resume talks this week, with trade on the agenda. Mr Barnier suggested that the UK still has time to change its mind regarding the future of the relationship it has with the EU.


Chinese President, Xi Jinping, promised a more open import market to China, offering lower tariffs on various markets, such as motor vehicles and financial services.

Investment markets

Most global indicies saw an improvement recently, although volatility is expected to remain, given the Geo-political environment and monetary policy changes in progress.

The FTSE 100 STANDS AT 7333.06 +0.21% at the time of writing at 12.14 0n 19/04/18
FTAS stands at 4031.92 +1.19%
The Dow J closed yesterday at 24748.07 -0.16%


There are a number of new providers expected to enter the Structured Product (contact investment) space over the coming weeks and months.
As the providers of the products become ‘live’ we will endeavour to enable consumption via our site – or if the solution requires ‘advice’ we will be on hand to provide services at the ‘best price’ for advice services.
We are aware that a number of providers will restrict the distribution of their solutions to ‘advised only’ – so our website is like to be unique in being able to present the investment solutions – as we have regulatory investment permissions, where most websites don’t have a qualified adviser to enable the ‘advised journey’
The ‘know your customer’ process for ‘advised’ transactions is always required but it is probable that the outcome of ‘advice’ will be more secure for investors.
The emphasis with a specific provider that has confirmed the detail and shape of their solution will be on quality, educational material, so consumers can be greater informed, along with value and ultimately quality results and outcomes, enabling the product to meet the target market.

As always, if you require information or advice, simply get in touch.
We assure you of our focused attention and value for money at all times.

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