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Emergencies can happen at any time, in residential or rented accommodation. Landlord Emergency Insurance can help with many of these situations and help ease the burden of having to resolve the issues yourself.

If you’ve been working without the help of Landlord Emergency Insurance, emergencies within your rented accommodation have most likely been your responsibility to sort out. This can be stressful, especially when it comes to sourcing someone to fix the problem, ensuring the problem is fixed, follow up calls etc. What if we told you there’s a way to avoid all this stress?

Landlord Emergency Insurance is a type of cover which will help you and your tenants out in emergency situations. This means you no longer have to deal with the stress of sorting these situations out! To help you decide whether you should sign up for Landlord Emergency Insurance, here are a few scenarios in which it would help out.

Boiler Breakdown

1) Boiler breakdown within tenants property

Without Landlord Emergency Insurance: It’s the middle of winter and you’re just about to go to bed. You get a call from one of your tenants. They say their boiler isn’t turning on and they cannot access any hot water. You know this is not a situation which can wait until morning, so you have to fix the issue right now. This requires calling pluming contractor , finding a cost, seeing if anyone will actually come out at this time and making sure your tenant has somewhere warm to stay if it cannot be fixed. It’s pretty inconvenient for both of you, not to mention the emergency call out expense.

With Landlord Emergency Insurance: If you have the policy in place, you would not receive a call from your tenant in the first place! The Insurance we provide here at Best Price FS provides direct tenant authorised direct contact. So in this scenario, you would be able to go straight to bed without even hearing about the problem. The boiler will either be fixed on your behalf or your tenants will be put in emergency accommodation until it is fixed.

Leaking Roof

2) Roof damage which has caused a leak 

Without Landlord Emergency Insurance: It’s been raining torrential showers for the past few days and you’re looking forward to heading home to eat your dinner. You suddenly receive a frantic call from one of your tenants. They’re in a top floor flat and roof damage has lead to a huge leak in their bedroom. They don’t know how to stop the water running and they need it fixed now! You realise you will have to stay late tonight to get this issue resolved as soon as possible.

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With Landlord Emergency Insurance: You don’t receive the panicked call and you finish work on time and head home. Meanwhile, your Landlord Emergency Insurance provider sends someone out as soon as possible to prevent further damage. They cover the hole or place your tenants in overnight accommodation (up to £250) if it has made their living area is uninhabitable.

Wasp Nest

3) Your tenant has found a wasps nest within or near your property

Without Landlord Emergency Insurance: It’s a swelteringly hot day and you’re trying to keep cool by staying inside. You get an unexpected call from one of your tenants detailing the active wasp’s nest they’ve found near their property. They don’t know how to resolve this but they want it sorted ASAP. You now need to find a contractor to stop the infestation as quickly as possible on this hot day. It’s not a problem you’ve dealt with before and requires a lot of time to find the right contractor.

With Landlord Emergency Insurance: With your policy in place, you are free to buy an ice cream and avoid the wasp’s nest stress. Our Landlord Emergency Insurance cover protects you when pest infestations take place. We have a list of contractors for this exact problem on hand and will resolve the problem for you.

Lost Key

4) Lost keys mean your tenant is locked out

Without Landlord Emergency Insurance: Your tenant calls to say they’ve somehow managed to lock their only keys to the apartment inside. They have no idea how it happened but now they’re stuck outside in their dressing gown. You also do not have a spare key, so you need to appoint a contractor to get inside as soon as possible. This can be costly and you’re aware your tenant could be very cold waiting outside.

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With Landlord Emergency Insurance: This policy, like ours at Best Price FS, will have access to plenty of contractors. This includes ones which can easily get inside your property and retrieve the key. As this is covered by your policy it will not cost you a thing, keeping both you and your tenant happy.

Angry Tenant

5) Bad relationship with your tenant because you do not have time to sort emergencies

Without Landlord Emergency Insurance: In this circumstance, you’ve found yourself too busy to sort your tenant’s problems. You may sort them when you can, but you cannot always do it quickly. This has led to a bad relationship between you and your tenant and has caused issues with other matters.

With Landlord Emergency Insurance:  You will be able to fix emergencies ASAP. Your relationship with your tenant will be on the mend and you will not have to worry about any more calls from them. You can fix more than just material problems!

If you’ve experienced any of these situations, you will know how inconvenient they can be. Landlord Emergency Insurance can save you this trouble for just £109 a year. That’s less than £10 a month! To find out more about our cover, just click here.