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Motor Legal Protection on the road Need a guaranteed courtesy car after an accident but peeved about how it’ll push up your premium? Our Motor Legal Protection may be just the thing for you.


Whether it’s a minor bump or a major bash, any car accident can cause you a sharp shock and a fair deal of stress, and that’s without the worry of sourcing a temporary hire car.

Most people would be lost without any sort of replacement car – how else would you be able to take the kids to school, get to work and do the shopping, all in one frantic day? But be warned, this route may have a few bumps in the road…



Unless otherwise stated, insurers will palm you off with the most basic of courtesy cars to keep their costs to a minimum, and that’s even if you’ve got a fully comprehensive policy. But it’s more than just your ego that may take a hit – the day-to-day driving can be downright impractical when you’re trying to ferry the kids round in a Ford Ka rather than your usual 4×4.


14-day Limits

To make things worse, there’s usually a limited rental period imposed on hire vehicles, with most insurers lending you a new motor for a maximum of 14-days. This is particularly pesky if your car turns out to be a write-off – not everyone can foot the bill for a new car, and your insurance payout may take longer than you think.


Car Costs

With the current cost of car insurance, it’s understandable that many of us may try to cut a few corners. Whether it’s settling for the most basic insurance or scrapping the replacement hire car cost, nearly always, you’ll be sacrificing on quality.

For those of us without any assured courtesy car, the hunt for a hire vehicle can be fairly hazardous. Many companies should offer fair prices, but now you’re in dire need, make sure you’re not being taken for a ride. And when you consider the cost of just a week’s hire, your best intentions by going without cover to save some money seems more than a little bit of a lost cause.

So, what is the best way to save money?


The Best Price

Consider buying courtesy car cover as a stand-alone product rather than through your insurer. As a discount broker, Best Price FS offer unlimited vehicle hire after non-fault accidents for just £9.99 a month – that’s less than what it would cost you for just a day’s worth of hire and by far the cheapest on the market. What’s more, this is a far superior like-for-like service, so no worries about swapping in your 4×4 for that little Ford after all.

With an excellent choice optional extras, you can also make sure you’re covered for fault, fire and theft too. There’s far more again to motor legal cover, and you’ll find that it really does pay to be prudent.

So what is motor legal protection? To learn more about vehicle hire and many of the other great benefits, visit Motor Legal Protection.

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