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Being the innocent party in a motoring accident can be a very costly experience, and whilst motor insurance policies will cover many of the expenses that we have to experience, they won’t cover everything.

This is where Motor Legal Protection can help, and in particular the Uninsured Loss Recovery it provides.

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Motor Legal Protection – also called Uninsured Loss Recovery.  The benefits; Why you should NEVER buy this type of contract as an ‘Add on’ to a Motor Vehicle policy.

The cold weather is gripping the UK as we move towards Winter, as today is Halloween.  It’s the time of year when accidents increase, due to icy roads and general road conditions worsening.

Motoring accidents are normally created by ‘fault driving’ so if you are an innocent party in a motoring accident it would be re-assuring to know that you are protected by our Best Price Motor Legal Protection Cover at £9.99 per year.

Why the Best Price FS Motor legal Protection cover can help and recover your uninsured losses.

What is Motor Legal Protection – often called Uninsured Loss Recovery?

Motor Legal Protection cover is a policy generally referring to the practice of recovering expenses after an accident. It’s something which can be done by a driver themselves (requiring some legal knowledge and costing time and money on the part of the driver), although the service is also included as a feature of some insurance policies. This service is to prevent individuals from being left out-of-pocket following an accident that wasn’t their fault, and one such policy that includes it is Motor Legal Expenses Insurance, also known as Motor Legal Protection.

Often purchased alongside a new vehicle insurance policy, some policies include it automatically, but it’s more likely that you’ll have to pay an additional premium for it. Motor legal cover is a relatively cheap form of protection, but one that can prove invaluable if you find yourself dealing with unexpected expenses not covered by your standard car insurance policy.

As this cover is not a legal requirement, it’s easy to overlook its true value until after an accident. Therefore, to put this into perspective, consider the following scenario…

An Example
Mr. Jones stops his car at a roundabout. Another car, going too fast, drives into the back of him. The rear of Mr. Jones’ car is badly damaged, and he is left injured.

Mr. Smith is driving the other car and is at fault. While his insurance will pay for the damage to Mr. Jones’ car, there are many other expenses incurred for Mr Jones. Following the accident Mr. Jones is shaken. He is able to pull his car to the side of the road, but it then needs to be towed home, which he has to pay for. Mr Jones, after dealing with the accident, had to arrange a visit to his doctor. He is self-employed, and this causes him to lose half a day’s earnings. He ends up paying for extra phone calls in relation to the accident, paying for public transport in the short-term and then eventually hiring a car to use until his vehicle has been repaired. In addition, he has his own policy excess to pay.

Mr. Jones wasn’t the one that caused the accident, but he’ll feel the financial effects. In addition, Mr. Smith’s’ insurers will try to avoid accepting Mr. Smith’s’ liability, potentially delaying any pay-out that Mr. Jones is due.

Motor Legal Protection Cover is a policy that enables this work to be carried out by experienced professionals.

The Alternative – should an accident happen …….

After a non-fault accident, you can claim compensation to cover your costs, but you’ll have to initiate this process and negotiate a figure yourself. However, with the everyday demands of life, few of us would be able to devote the time and effort that would be required. With Motor Legal Protection, a legal representative would do this for you, not only offering expertise and efficiency but also the peace of mind that, in a non-fault accident, your uninsured losses would be recovered.

‘No-win, no-fee’ services are often the first port of call for those without any form of motor legal insurance, and while they can help you recover some uninsured losses, these companies show a bias towards claims for injuries. Aside from this, even if your claim is successful, a significant portion of your pay-out will go to them.  The no win, no fee service is often 50% of the loss recovered that can amount to many, if not tens of thousands of pounds.

Having a motor legal protection policy would eliminate the need to navigate any of these rocky routes, firmly placing you in the driving seat.  At a cost of £9.99 per year can you afford not to purchase the cover for benefits provided and the road risks experienced everyday by motorists?

Added Comfort
It’s important to understand that the Uninsured Loss Recovery service of motor legal protection isn’t just helpful for the financial benefits. After an accident, it’s comforting to know that professionals are shouldering some of the stress and frustration by chasing claims on your behalf. You’ll be able to recover physically and emotionally from the accident without concerns about your financial situation, easing out your transition back to life as normal.


A Motor Legal Protection Policy ‘inclusions’ are generally the ‘exclusions’ of a Motor Insurance Policy.

If a Motoring Accident is not your fault …….

Some have questioned the value of Motor Legal Insurance (also known as Uninsured Loss Recovery), however, what some don’t realise is this cover fills the gaps which your general motor insurance policy doesn’t.  Cover such as…….

  1. Personal Injury – Claiming for compensation for injuries sustained to you or any passenger when the accident is not your fault.
  2. Excess Recovery – Under your motor insurance you would normally have an excess to pay up front even if the accident is not your fault; the Motor Legal Insurance Cover will recover this back for you…. if the accident is not your fault.
  3. Personal Property Recovery – Claiming for damage to personal property such as glasses or clothing…. again, if the accident is not your fault.
  4. Vehicle Hire – If your vehicle is in need of repair following an accident which is not your fault, the policy will provide a replacement vehicle.  We have a 14-day own fault Courtesy Vehicle Hire available as an additional benefit for an additional cost – check out the details on our website.
  5. Loss of Earnings – if the accident is not your fault and you sustained injuries which affects your ability to work.  Your legal representative will work to recover the loss of income suffered.

What if the other driver in the accident is uninsured or untraceable?     We will even be able to recover (1-4 above) if you have an accident with a driver who doesn’t have insurance.  This is through the Motor Insurance Bureau (An insurer funded body which has been set up to pay out should you be a victim in an accident caused by an uninsured or untraceable driver).

Third party cover…This cover is even more beneficial if you only have Third Party or Third-Party Fire and Theft, as we will claim back repairs to your vehicle if the accident is not your fault.

How we recover your losses – This type of policy does not pay out like Motor Insurers do, the representative actually collates all your losses and then present it to the other driver’s insurer (or the Motor Insurance Bureau) to pay.  This is a job for a specialist and saves you appointing a ‘No Win No Fee’ legal form at up to 50% of what is awarded for an annual cost of £9.99.

Solicitor in your pocket 24/7…. On top of all the above, this cover offers you unlimited access to a solicitor at the end of a phone 24/7.  You can therefore phone when it’s convenient to you.  Not only can you phone when you like, the legal advice given is available for personal legal advice…. that means it’s not just restricted to motor but can be given in relation to household issues too; such as neighbourhood disputes, if you have any problems with your employer, probate issues…to name but a few.  Not many people know this…….

Huge value that often does go unnoticed!

Why you should NEVER buy this type of contract as an ‘add-on’ to a Motor Vehicle Policy

If you have bought a car/motor policy previously, it is likely that you have come across ‘optional add-ons’.  These ‘add-ons’ offer cover from Motor Legal Protection to Breakdown and Windscreen Cover, where the cost as an ‘add-on’ or a ‘bolt-on’ is often much greater than buying standalone, as the insurer or broker has the buyer as a ‘captive consumer’.

Best Price FS will shortly provide a range of ‘standalone’ motor products (such as Breakdown, GAP, Cosmetic Repair, Alloy Wheel and Tyre Cover).  Watch this space…………

Buying Motor Legal Protection cover generally costs around £35.00 from the insurance company, which makes up a substantial amount of their profit when selling motor related products.

Consumer Media Groups, such as Which? and Money Saving Expert (MSE) fail to focus on the value and benefits provided when buying a standalone Motor Legal Protection Policy/Contract.

Putting in the legwork

It’s fair to say that buying car insurance isn’t particularly exciting, fast or fun. So, once we’ve chosen a provider, it’s no surprise that many of us want to get through the purchase process as quickly as possible. Safe in the assumption that we’re probably fed up, extra cover is made available with just one click, and was even added on automatically in the past, the ‘add on’ selling was subject to an FCA Thematic Review where the benefits must be clearly identified to consumers, so the consumer understands what they are paying for and values the benefits.  But rather than just a one-off click, shouldn’t we be spending a little bit more time thinking about the cost of this?

This is something we’ve got pretty good at whilst sourcing our main car insurance. Many of us will compare quotes ’til the cows come home, but when it comes to the extras, we’re slow on the uptake.  All too often we tick the boxes without checking out the details and herein lies the problem – we’re failing to do our research. Maybe it’s because we’re expecting to get a good deal, or maybe it’s because we simply can’t be bothered. Either way, it’s in our best interest to compare add-ons also, or better still by the ‘add-on’ standalone.

Getting clued up on cover will make it easier to spot what’s good and what’s not. Most importantly though, you’ll know if it’s worth the price they’re asking. Sure, it’s more time-consuming, but for the extra money it can save, it pays to compare.

Spending 5 minutes buying our Best Price FS Motor Legal Protection cover online often saves £25.00 or more… time well spent – and this is at each renewal, as long as one owns a vehicle.

Best Price FS provide quality stand-alone Motor Legal Expenses Insurance for just £9.99 a year. 

Competitors – This cover is generally bought as an add-on to Motor Insurance however, Best Price FS are able to offer this to you on a direct stand-alone basis which can provide a reduction in premium of up to 60% against ‘add-on’ costs. Even Comparison websites, such as Money Supermarket, Go Compare and Compare the Market, don’t offer this cover on a stand-alone basis.  There are a handful of competitors that do but not at the cost of £9.99 per annum.

The general cost for Motor Legal Protection as an ‘add on’ to a Motor Insurance Policy is approximately £35 per annum.  Our product is an exceptional contract with quality benefits at excellent (Best Price) value.

We are busy building many more Insurance and Investment Products that will be available online (some requiring advice in relation to investments) at the best price available to the retail market, such as: –


Tax products – BPR/VCT/EIS
Crowd Bonds
Peer to peer products
Managed Portfolio Services

Watch this space….  Best Price FS – “your one-stop financial shop” ………………

Don’t be a pumpkin head – get covered today!

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