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Police figures recently released suggest that the number of drivers given penalty points for using their mobile phone at the wheel fell by 24% last year in England and Wales.

72,753 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) were issued in 2014, as compared to 95,941 the previous year. This is great news for drivers – whether it’s different penalties being used by police forces, such as attendance of an awareness course rather than an FPN, or simply Brits behaving better behind the wheel, fewer points on your licence means a lower risk of losing it.


But what if you did lose your licence?

Few of us will freely admit to flaunting the rules of the road, but there are many offences which can result in points. And despite their varying degrees of seriousness, these offences can have a very detrimental effect on your licence.

The risk of falling foul of these rules is greatly increased if you’re a high-mileage driver, as being constantly aware of your surroundings as well as the area’s speed limit can be a difficult task. But it’s not just the risk of penalty that gets greater with your mileage – it’s also the effect that any subsequent ban can have.

As a high-mileage driver, it’s very likely that your livelihood depends on you getting where you need to be. Consider what would happen if you did end up losing your licence – you may just realise just how important it is to you. So if we insure many of our prized possessions, why not consider protecting your licence?


Protectin your licence

In cases where you face prosecution for a motoring offence which may lead to disqualification, we’ll provide up to £100,000 of legal expenses to defend you. This can help protect your innocence whilst ensuring you won’t have to foot the large bills usually associated with these legal proceedings.


Mal Evans, Operations Director at Best Price FS, had this to say: “It’s great news to hear that fewer people seem to be using their phone whilst driving, suggesting that motorists are becoming more safety-minded. The danger of such headlines, however, is that some drivers may become complacent and assume that protection is less important. These figures belie the huge number of driving disqualifications that were issued last year, a total of 92,136, which show just how important it is for drivers to protect their licences.”