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Buying car insurance can be a costly affair and no one likes to spend more than necessary.

With so many insurance add-ons, it’s difficult to determine exactly what you need, but Motor Legal Protection should be a staple in every driver’s insurance spending.

Motor Legal Protection is designed to cover your legal expenses in the event of a motor-related accident that wasn’t your fault. Unfortunately, for the majority of people who have vehicle accidents law advice in some form will be requested, and it is always an unforeseen expense. While its importance may be difficult to understand initially, if you were to find yourself in an accident, you’d soon be thanking yourself for taking out this cover. It can be very stressful to be the victim of an accident and have to navigate the courts as well as your insurance to prove your case.

Factoring in the numerous expenses of phone calls, car repair and vehicle hire, it’s easy to see how the financial burden of an accident can balloon before your very eyes. There are many more additional costs that you might need to consider, and that’s not forgetting the financial impact of any essential time you may have to take off work. Your hard-earned income can take a hit from this range of expenses, but all of these can at least be minimised with a good motor legal policy.

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The benefits

Many customers don’t actually understand the benefits of having motor legal protection, seeing it more as a costly add-on pushed by their insurance providers. While this can be true, there are affordable products out there designed to cover the costs of such things as:

  • Vehicle repair and recovery
  • Personal injury
  • Hire vehicle
  • Loss of earnings
  • Policy excess
  • Medical bills
  • Legal expenses

Any good policy should provide you with enough for these essential expenses, with £75,000 being the typical cover offered.



Although it isn’t a legal requirement to have motor legal protection, when you consider the alternative, you can see how beneficial it is to invest in motor legal protection to fully shield oneself from all motor-related eventualities.

Consider the following scenario:

Mrs. Davies stops her car at a set of traffic lights. Another car, going too fast, drives into the back of her. The rear of Mrs. Davies’ car is badly damaged and she is injured.Mr. Barnes, the man driving the other car, is at fault. While his insurance will pay for the damage to Mrs.Davies’ car, there are many other expenses that Mrs. Davies will incur. She is forced to pay out for the car-towing fees, a hire car until her car is fixed and a considerable policy excess. Her injuries necessitate a visit to the doctor and because she is self-employed, this causes her to lose half a day’s earnings. Mrs. Davies has not got motor legal protection. Uncertain if she is permitted to claim back these expenses and daunted by the prospect of chasing up her claims, she decides not to claim and is left out-of-pocket.

In the above scenario, had Mrs. Davies taken out motor legal protection, she would have felt reassured in knowing that a legal professional would have chased her claims on her behalf, and that her expenses would have been reimbursed with ease.

Everyone is entitled to claim back any uninsured losses; however this tends to require a lot of effort. You would personally have deal with every single aspect of your claim and although achievable, it would necessitate a lot of time, patience and determination.

The benefit of having motor legal protection makes the process of getting back to the position you were in prior to the accident hassle-free. Motor Legal Protection will make life easier for you as a driver, providing you with that important peace of mind in knowing that your uninsured losses will be recovered by a professional in any accident that wasn’t your fault.


Why buy?

All too often, it is only in hindsight that we see the real value of this kind of policy. The mere £20 it can cost pales in comparison when you consider the alternative posed by the hassle of “no-win, no-fee” services. Market research suggests that the main reason people do not buy motor legal protection is because they feel it is too expensive, an unnecessary expense that can be spared. Granted, some motor legal protection policies can be unnecessarily expensive, with high-commission often pushing up the prices. However, for those prepared to shop around, there are some extremely competitive, high-quality, low-cost options available on the market.

It can be easy to see motor legal protection cover as one more unnecessary expense, but the benefits certainly outweigh the cost. Find out more about Motor Legal Protection Cover