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Pension developments/Pension considerations Tax windfall potential …..


Many of our clients have been impacted by the reduced Annual Allowance where those earning more than £110,000 p.a. suffer impact, where those earning more than £150,000 p.a. suffer a reduced Annual Allowance of only £10,000 p.a.; therefore are hurt greatly with excess tax charges where contribution levels are greater than allowance levels.

Click the link to read the article written in The Times – https://gallery.mailchimp.com/03161d6ca4cecca6092a0798c/files/82e4c7eb-96f2-4b5f-a7e8-d460962c8ad8/Pension_tax_windfall_for_top_earners.pdf

We will, of course, update our clients of the developments as they unfold.

As always, if you have an advice point requirement, simply get in touch, where we will do all we can to provide you with suitable advice.

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