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Pets fireworks halloween

It’s that time of year again when pets can get a bit jumpy. Pets, fireworks and Halloween can be a stressful combination and that can lead to trouble in the house.

Fireworks are an obvious one. Loud bangs, bright lights and hot debris all make up a cocktail of fear for pets that can see them stressed, which as any pet owner knows can materialise in many ways. Trashed sofas, losing hair, injuries from jumping off or running into things, it’s not as easy as Christmas (which brings its own problems).

Halloween, with people turning up at the door, scary things happening, doors and gates being left open even some fireworks and sparklers, not to mention all those tempting but potentially illness inducing treats being left all over the place. Again, halloween isn’t as pet friendly as you might imagine.

Pet insurance is very much a needed accessory for the holiday season as it’ll cover you for many of the problems you’ll encounter from pets, fireworks and halloween. It’s simple to get, relatively cheap (a standard vets trip can be £50+) and worthwhile for the long run.

We have some of the best in the business on offer and signing up is simple whereby you’ll get quotes, and simply choose the best option for your circumstances.

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