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Good Afternoon

Our risk based managed portfolio results to 30 August 2019

Firstly, we trust this communication finds you and yours very well.

No doubt you are aware of the political, geo political and economic uncertainty that continues to ‘spook’ investment markets.

It seems that tensions between the United States of America and China are settling at times, then bang, Trump produces commentary that ‘spooks’ the markets.  It seems that the POTUS picks his moment, generally when the markets have rallied.

For now (over the last few days) the tension have reduced but who knows what is on the cards in the coming weeks and months….?


Well, for those moving from Global currencies to Sterling, a huge opportunity unfolded – for others the saga carries on, which is likely to become increasingly fraught, increasing volatility as the end game of Brexit unfolds!

Central Banks and Monetary Policy

The views in relation to interest rates being cut are mixed, although the Fed may reduce rates by 0.25% in September, with the BoE holding, until the Brexit position unfolds, so keeping the ‘powder dry’ – in readiness for the fireworks that may develop ….

If Brexit (with a deal) or, indeed, no Brexit develops, many economists expect a strong rally with markets, which maybe artificial but euphoric in the immediate aftermath…….

The reality of markets would return in due course.

Portfolio Construction

We remain diversified across all asset classes, holding as many as 50 funds across the Risk Models 2 to 9.  We do not expect to recommend changing this construction for the foreseeable future as we like the spread of funds held, which ensures balance, volatility compliance and the correct exposure to risk for the relative risk model.


Again, the results have been extremely pleasing on a risk adjusted basis, when compared with relative benchmarks and peers.

The investment risk models must ‘do what they say on the tin’ – so to speak.  The results are delivering as expected over the longer term, although of course as investment markets suffer falls the risk models suffer in proportion accordingly.

It is my pleasure to provide a summary of the actual results over the various time frames.  (Please note: past performance is not a guide to future performance.  You know I must state this fact).

Risk Models

As always, we are here to help and support you as investors and clients.  If you have any questions or require advice, simply get in touch.

Very Best Regards.

Richard, Sian and Team

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