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Van and Contents insurance

Not just a question of price, should you get van or van and contents insurance?

It is a common fact that van drivers tend to keep their business lives in their van i.e. their tools. Nowadays this makes them easy pickings for thieves as, if you are a tradesman working from one job to another, making sure you have easy access to your tools is so important so keeping them in the van as opposed to loading them in and out every time is just the way things happen. Hence you’ll often see padlocks on the back of vans or stickers stating ‘tools not kept in van overnight’, all of which are deterrents for would be thieves. So if your tools are in the van  more often than not – Van and contents insurance must be the right option – right?

If you are a van driver you’re fully aware that van insurance can cost quite a bit more than car insurance, mainly because of the size of the engines as they tend to be larger than most cars, they often weigh more than a typical car, they spend more time on the road too, but also the content which the van carries also has an effect on the price.

If you depend on your van for business, it’s so important to maximise security too.  Vans can be a targeted by opportunistic thieves especially if they think there is something of value inside.  Nowadays, thieves have wised up to the value of tools and are actively seeking those that are worth more which is usually the type tradesmen use as opposed to homeowners tools which are, generally, less expensive.

So when you are searching for Van Insurance you need to ensure you check to see if cover is available for your tools – check ‘Van and contents insurance’.  Often this is an add-on to the main van insurance although some comprehensive policy may offer this as standard so do your research.  Also cover can vary as most insurers will only cover tools and equipment which is stolen or damage during the day, but those left unattended or in the van overnight may not be covered and will require separate insurance so, again, do your research.

It’s more important than ever to shop around when you’re insuring your van. Best Price Financial Services has access to Quotezone.co.uk’s van insurance comparison service so you’ll be able to compare quotes from up to 50 insurance providers in minutes, so it will be far easier to find a suitable insurance policy for your circumstances.

If you are wondering what level of cover you should opt for when looking for van and contents insurance, here is a quick breakdown of the main covers: –

  • Third Party – minimum level of cover required under UK law.  As the title suggests this only covers the other driver/car should the incident be your fault
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft – similar to above but will provide protection for your vehicle should it catch fire or it is stolen.
  • Fully Comprehensive Van Insurance – this is the most comprehensive cover available

But don’t forget the add-ons available such as tool cover, motor uninsured loss recovery, breakdown etc.  Again some insurers may include these as standard but some may not.

Types of Van Insurance available: –

  • Van Insurance
  • Modified Van Insurance
  • Commercial Van Insurance
  • Transit Van Insurance
  • Bedford Van Insurance
  • Business Van Insurance
  • Young Driver Van Insurance
  • Man & Van Insurance

So if your require any of the above types of Van Insurance, you could save up to £348*

*51% of consumers could save £348.62 on their Van Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next eight cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Quotezone’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from January 2021. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances.