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An overview of Structured Products Information and Investment Markets. I am aware that investors are showered with vast amounts to read, particularly during times of crisis, but we like to treat our clients like ‘family’ and provide information that we feel is valuable.

We know that the detail relating to financial matters can be complex, which is why we do our very best to provide informative quality communication to our readers and clients.

A recent article published in November’s edition of Moneyfacts in respect of Structured Products, is an article that we very much consider investors should read.

As Independent Financial Advisers, we firmly believe that the use of quality Structured Products should be used within Investors’ Portfolios – at suitable risk managed levels never over-exposing an investor to excess counterparty risk, as producing a balanced (risk controlled) portfolio at low cost is essential.

We often see that investors who ‘love’ Structured Products (Capital at Risk) are over exposed to a counterparty that they like and like to invest in.

As professional Independent Financial Advisers, we must advise against over-exposure, naturally, but we certainly feel that a greater exposure should be considered across the investment sector.

At Best Price FS we empower investors to make/take investment decisions and read and understand investment products so suitable outcomes can be arrived at, at low cost.

Our advice fees are the lowest we know of (Published Advice Costs – lower than most Non-Advised Distributors!)

We know that large numbers of investors have found their way to our website platform – driven by the information we provide and the value of our distribution and advice.

We intend to maintain the growth in distribution, nationally, keeping our costs at a market leading value price point at this time of crisis, where we must trust that our ‘client focus and value’ will enable increased scale over the coming years.

We see many new investors moving from a distribution cost of 3% (Non Advised) and up to 5% for Advice to our distribution and advice price point – where our online presence and capabilities (especially at a time of the health crisis) is able to deliver to investors.

Click the link to read the article below:

Important Fact

JP Morgan have provided confirmation of research carried out over the last 20 years of investing.

“Time in” rather than “Timing”

Investors trying to ‘Time’ market entry points are very probably going to miss out on gathering returns up to 50% lower than comparable portfolios that were invested during the best investment market bounces/rallies.

Take a look at the visual produced on CNBC’s Worldwide Exchange earlier:

If an investor tries to ‘time’ investment markets, the ‘long term’ results are lower!  Think about this – the best days are during the toughest trading times – times of crisis!

If an investor missed the 10 best days of market upside over 5000 trading days the returns were cut by half!

The visual above highlights jumps!  5 of the largest jumps have been during the pandemic!

There is some way to go before the economic environment recovers and volatility will remain for months to come but the vaccine news seems to be the medium to longer term game changer.

No one knows when the ‘best trading days’ are going to happen so investing is always a ‘time in’ – long term play.

We trust this information is of benefit.  As always, if advice is required simply get in touch.

Stay healthy, safe and happy.

Warmest Regards.

Richard and the Best Price FS Team