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Tax Tables

Tax Tables – Tax Facts……..

Tax Tables
Tax Tables – Tax Facts…….. (A handy summary and guide to the 2021/22 Allowances and Thresholds)

Tax tables – As continued support and value-add for our clients we provide all of our clients and consumers a Tax Facts summary of allowances and thresholds for tax year 2021/22. Click here to view the guide from Moneyfacts

Be in the know with a handy tax facts.

Tax Products

You will see that Puma Investments, who provide tax efficient solutions spanning VCT, EIS and Estate Planning (BPR) products, have taken up space to promote their solutions.

We enable access and advice to such tax product solutions at what we believe to be the lowest cost in the UK so if you wish to use Tax products as part of your tax and investment solutions – think BPFS and get in touch to discuss your needs.

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