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Once the festivities have passed, the harsh winters and bitter rains of winter really aren’t appealing. So, how do you keep warm during winter?

The winter and cold toes go hand-in-hand, but do they have to? The last place you want to be cold is your own home. especially when it can be easily avoided. If you’re looking to keep warm during winter while you dream of sunny holidays, follow our best tips to keep you nice and toasty.


Boiler Cover

  • Get your boiler serviced

The guidelines posted recently on heating and cooling Chicago‘s website, warns people that, if your boiler stops working during the winter, this can cause more than just one problem. Frozen pipes, cold water, and damp can start to occur if you do not have sufficient heating during these cold months.  You can be sure a breakdown won’t happen anytime soon with an annual boiler service. Boiler services are quick and will help you keep warm during winter, especially if you have an older boiler.

Open Doors

  • Leave your doors open

Leaving the doors in your home open will help the warm air circulate easily and keep you warm during the winter. You can even leave the bathroom doors open if you’re running hot water or the kitchen doors if you’re cooking. These will both help add to the warm air you want in your home.

Central Heating Cover

  • Use radiator reflectors

Think about all the heat you may be wasting behind your radiator. Radiator reflectors are a quick and easy way to keep you warm during the winter. You may need to get a new HVAC system visit https://hvacdirect.com/ductless-mini-splits/diy-mini-split-systems.html to heck out some new systems. Their reflective quality redirects heat into your home, rather than out through the walls and can help you keep warm during winter.


Roof Repairs

  • Protect your home from leaks

Leaks are a bad side effect of the rainy weather winter brings. If you spot any damp or water beginning to seep through your ceiling, it is necessary to get that sorted out right away. If you don’t, you could be facing a very cold home this winter. Protect your home from leaks by sorting out a small problem (such as a missing tile) before it becomes a much larger problem.

Pipes and Drains

  • Avoid frozen pipes

As mentioned above, failure to turn on your heating during the winter could lead to frozen pipes. This could then lead to a burst pipe, which is an emergency you really don’t want to deal with in the cold. Avoid this problem by finding out where your stopcock is and insulating your outdoor pipes where possible.

Home Emergency Cover

  • Consider Home Emergency Cover

One of the best ways to keep warm during winter is by ensuring you’re covered in the event of an emergency. If your boiler fails, your pipe burst or you find a leak in your home, solving these problems can be expensive. Alternatively, if you have annual Home Emergency Cover, these issues will cost you no excess and no call-out charges! We want you to keep warm during the winter here at Best Price FS, so we offer the best price you will find on the market.

Emergency Assistance

£91.25 per year

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