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Many of our investment clients have ‘woken up’ to the benefits (and risks) of Structured Products so, in order to further provide quality information about Debt Seniority and how it affects Structured Products we thought an excellent article – produced by Meteor, would be of considerable value to our readers.

What is debt seniority and how does it affect Structured Products?

When a company issues a security (be it debt or stock) those assets are classified by the order in which the investor could get their money back if the company were to become insolvent.  Some assets are deemed a higher priority than others – this is called seniority …

Click the link to read an introduction to What is a Structured Product? – through to Debt Seniority


Educational Information

We are sure that active Structured Product investors will benefit from the article – but if you have a question or require regulated Independent Financial Advice, simply get in touch where we will do all we can to assist you.

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