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We all agree that car insurance can be expensive.  It is understandable that many of us may try to cut a few financial corners to curb the costs. Often, we settle for the most basic insurance and/or scrapping the replacement hire car cost.  It is true to say that nearly always, we will be sacrificing on the quality of cover offered to us.  But in the insurance sector we know that the cheapest cover is not always the best.

For those of us without any assured courtesy car, the hunt for a hire vehicle can be hazardous. Many companies should offer fair prices, but now you’re in dire need, make sure you’re not being taken for an expensive ride.

The thing is when you are in this situation, and your car is off the road and suddenly you need to rent a car for a week or maybe longer it seems somewhat silly to not have opted for the minimal cost add on for a courtesy car.

It’s usually the same scenario world over – you need car insurance – you visit a comparison site (unless you’ve conveniently opted for the automatic renewal which is never advisable) – you look for the cheapest policy – you try to match the cost of last years – but what does the policy cover?  What does the policy lack if you are making the monthly insurance payments cheaper?

The best way to save money for a car insurance policy is to buy a decent comprehensive policy.  You might have chuckled to yourself, but it’s true!  That is the answer.

You must think ahead.  And put yourself in the position of having a crash and really think about what you would need because only then would you really understand the true extent of the costs and the inconvenience you would endure.



What is motor legal protection?


Motor legal Protection or alternatively known as uninsured loss Recovery insures the policy holder in ALL of their vehicles.  The policy is for one named person.  If you were seeking to cover multiple drivers, then each person would need a policy independently.

Motor Legal Protection also provides Legal assistance to recover your uninsured losses and help you stay on the road after an accident that was not your fault. Best Price FS cover helps you save up to 60% versus your car insurance add-on.



The benefits of our Motor Legal Protection policy are quite easy to see:


  • £100,000 of legal cover

BPFS will provide up to £100,000 of legal representation to cover the legal costs involved in reclaiming your uninsured losses after an accident that was not your fault.


  • 24hr Legal advice Helpline

There is Legal Advice available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist you in the event of a claim.


  • Cover for all of your losses

This takes into consideration repair costs, policy excess, vehicle hire charges, damaged property, loss of earnings and loss of use.


  • Cover for personal injury claims

In contrast to the usual ‘no win, no fee’ service, BPFS legal team will NEVER take a cut of your compensation.  This means you will ALWAYS receive 100% of your entitled payout.

And you can have all of that from £9.99 a year.  Surely that is a no brainer?!  It will be the best £9.99 you will have ever spent.


Other additional affordable add on options we offer are:

  • 14-day vehicle hire
  • Contract disputes
  • Prosecution Defence


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