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Why should I take out pet insurance?


For most of us, our pets are an important, and vocal, part of the family, so when a beloved four-legged friend suffers an illness or injury, it is upsetting and very often, extremely expensive.

Unexpected vet bills can make a big hole in your pocket, so it’s worth planning for unexpected costs so you’re covered if your pet needs medical treatment.


Why you should consider the best in pet insurance


According to research by the Money Advice Service the average cost of a pet insurance claim in the UK amounts to £750.

Most households would find that sort of price tag rather difficult to manage in one go, unless they have invested in a the best pet insurance policy.

There’s also the risk that your dog, cat or rabbit might develop some sort of chronic medical condition, which could result in an even larger number of trips to the vet resulting in an large and unexpected veterinary bill.