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Will Multi-Vehicle Excess cover save you money 

Have a read as we try to answer the question: Will Multi-Vehicle Excess cover save you money?

When you go to the supermarket you are constantly seeing special offers especially bulk buying 2-for-1 or 3-for-2 offers, well this multi-vehicle excess cover is no different.  Like your main car insurance, if you have many cars in the same household, it makes sense to insure them under one motor insurance provider as this means that the insurance provider can offer you a discount, sometimes up to 20%, as they are saving on marketing costs and administration but more importantly they want your business. Sounds like the answer to: Will Multi-Vehicle Excess cover save you money, is certainly worth a deeper look.

Multi-vehicle excess cover will save you money but also time as it’s one policy for all.  Best Price Financial Services are offering family multi-vehicle excess product which will pay the excess for up to three motor vehicles that belong to your family.  The cover levels available range from £250 to £1000.

Family means your spouse or someone you have a permanent relationship with or your immediate relative who lives with you at your home, and who is also named in the main insurance policy.

A motor vehicle can be a personally owned car or motorbike which is registered at your home address but cannot carry more than seven passengers and does not exceed 3.5 tonnes.  The vehicle should be owned by you or which you are authorised to drive and is used for:

  1. social, domestic pleasure and commuting to and from your place of business.
  2. personal business use by the policyholder including business use class 3, which means where you and your named drivers are authorised drivers using the vehicle for business, to solicit orders and deliver pre-purchased goods but not as a taxi. This includes sales representatives, consultants and agents.

What is Motor Excess insurance?

Most insurance policies carry either a compulsory or voluntary excess, which is a set amount you must pay if you make a claim on your motor insurance policy.

As an example, if your claim is £1000 and your policy excess is £250, your insurance provider will pay only £750 of the cost, leaving you to make up the balance of £250. This is where excess protect adds real value to you, an excess protection policy will pay you back the excess premium you have had to pay, in the example above £250.

It is common for excesses to affect the premiums charged on the main insurance policy i.e. a higher excess will mean the main insurer will pay out less so in turn you should see a drop in the cost of your insurance premium. Potentially you could use this saving to purchase a motor excess or multi-vehicle excess policy and you may be better off overall. In any circumstance whether you choose to buy motor excess or multi-vehicle excess insurance you will always have to pay the compulsory excess under your main motor policy. Will Multi-Vehicle Excess cover save you money? Most likely it will, and you should have a look at what’s on offer for your circumstances.

For further details visit our webpage…. https://www.bestpricefs.co.uk/excess-insurance/