Specialised Foreign Exchange Services

Achieve greater certainty from global financial transactions

Best Price Financial Services are working in partnership with moneycorp to help you save money on your international payments and foreign exchange.

Founded in 1979, moneycorp have been providing expert guidance on international money transfers for over 40 years. Supported by over 800 staff and a network of global offices, they helpthousands of customers make fast, secure international payments at competitivebank-beating exchange rates.

Who could save money and benefit from using moneycorp?

  1. Private Individual

    1. Are you looking to purchase a property abroad?

    2. Are you looking to emigrate and transfer savings to an overseas account?

    3. Are you planning to work overseas or get paid in a foreign currency?

    4. Are you selling shares or investments held in a foreign currency?

    5. Have you inherited money from an overseas estate?

  2. Business/Corporate Clients

    1. Does your company import? Are you buying goods/services, equipment/machinery or raw materials in a foreign currency?

    2. Does your company export? Are you getting paid in an overseas currency that needs to be exchanged back into Sterling?

    3. Do you make intercompany transfers, have a parent company overseas or need to pay staff wages in another country?

    4. Are you concerned about the impact the volatile Pound is having on your bottom line?

If the answer to any of the above is yes then quite simply you could benefit from the competitive exchange rates moneycorp offers and the level of personalised service we can provide.

Why moneycorp to complete your international payments?

  1. Highly competitive Bank-Beating Exchange Rates

  2. The Process-Easy to open account, simple to use

  3. Make payments over the phone, online or via the app.

  4. Fast and efficient with secure delivery

  5. Expert guidance from a team of currency account managers

  6. Robust Currency Tools (Spot, Forward, Market Orders)

  7. Free Currency Audit – Don’t just take our word for it

Why should I choose moneycorp instead of my bank?

UK high-street banks are still the first port of call for many who wish to make international payments or buy travel money. However, they can charge very high fees, with some banks requesting up to £30 per international payment.

We’ve been operating for over 40 years and working to provide competitive rates and lower fees to our customers, as well as providing a specialist and personal touch that many banks are unable to offer.

Opening an Account

Opening a personal or corporate account with moneycorp couldn’t be easier. Opening an account is free of charge and there is absolutely no obligation to use it when opened.
Registration for a private client can be done in just a few minutes.

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FX Audit

If you’re already using a foreign exchange broker to make your international payments, then make sure you’re getting thebest a great deal by completing a free moneycorp FX Audit available for both private and corporate customers.

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Moneycorp is the trading name of TTT Moneycorp Limited. TTT Moneycorp Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 (reference number 308919) for the provision of payment services.

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