Income protection is there to help if you're out of work due to illness or injury.

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Legal & General
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Friends Life
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Bright Grey
Scottish Provident
What is income protection insurance?

If you're off work due to injury or illness, this cover provides a monthly income to compensate for the wage you'd receive in otherwise good health. Paid directly to you, the instalments can be used to supplement personal savings and state-benefits. These monthly payments are tax-free, and can provide 50-70% of your usual income until you return to work or until the end of your policy term, whichever is sooner.

How does it work?

When taking out your policy, you must arrange a deferral period for the time between you making a claim and when your payments kick in. Often this is arranged to follow any sick pay you will receive from your employer, and the longer your deferral period, the lower the premiums you will pay. Other factors that will affect your monthly premium are your age, occupation, and the level and term of your policy.

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Provider Best Price FS GoCompare
£15.87 £19.65 £19.65

These prices are based on a 35-year old office administrator, non-smoker, purchasing £1,200 of income protection cover until the age of 65.
Prices are for the same Legal & General policy offered by each provider, and are correct as of April 29th, 2016.

Now looking at this table you may be thinking “Oh, it’s only a few pounds a month difference” and you’re right. But you know the saying “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”? Check out this example below.

The difference of £3.78 in the monthly premiums means you’ll pay an additional £1,360.80 for identical coverage over the lifetime of the policy; admittedly not a huge amount over 30 years. But if you were to invest that saving each month, for a 6% return, over the life of the policy, this would amount to a total of £3,838.82. This means that, over 30 years, you could be £5199.62 better off for the exact same outlay. Again, perhaps not a huge amount but surely better as a little windfall for you in 30 years than an unnecessary expense. And if you could afford to contribute an additional £6.22 to bring your monthly investment to just £10, after 30 years you would have accrued £10,155.60. Now that’s getting a bit more interesting! Even after 30 years, allowing for inflation, that amount would still probably pay for a nice retirement party or holiday. Does that make saving yourself only £3.78 every month just a little more interesting?

Types of Income Protection

Long-term Income Protection

Long-term income protection is the standard form of cover you'll find. A policy like this will pay you your benefit until you return to work or until you retire, die, or your policy term ends. Crucially, it will pay out for as long as is necessary and for as many times as you need to claim on it. Make sure to read the key facts of each policy to understand how, what for, and when you'll be covered.

Short-term Income Protection

Short-term income protection is only designed to provide your benefit payouts for a limited time, usually around 1-2 years in total. It can also be restricted in the range of illnesses and injuries it covers you for. However, it will be significantly cheaper than long-term income protection. Make sure to read the key facts of each policy to understand how, what for, and when you'll be covered.

Understanding your Income Protection Premium Type

Guaranteed Premium

Income protection cover with a guaranteed premium means the amount you pay stays the same throughout the policy term. The premium will only go up if you increase the cover. Most policies like this cost slightly more to start with, but provide you with the assurance that prices won't change.

Reviewable Premium

A policy like this will be reviewed at set periods, typically every five years, at which point your premiums could go up or down. You may find, however, that premium payments will start off cheaper than with guaranteed Income Protection cover, and any changes in your health will not affect the reviews.

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