With landlord boiler cover included as a standard part of our Landlord Home Emergency package, receive emergency assistance for any unexpected situation which occurs within your property. We will cover up to £1,000 worth of damage per incident, with no hidden fees.

As a Landlord, you have a responsibility to ensure your property is safe and secure for your tenant at all times. Therefore, in the event of a home emergency, it is your duty to sort the issue out as soon as possible.

Landlord Home Emergency Cover will take care of these situations for you, without you ever needing to pick up the phone during an emergency. With authorised tenant direct contact, you’ll no longer need to be the middleman between the tenant and the contractor. We will deal with calls at unsociable times so you don’t have to.

Our Landlord Home Emergency Insurance also comes with zero excess and no-call out charges. The only thing you have to pay is the initial price. After that, you’re covered for up to 6 claims per policy.

There are no restrictions on the material of the home or roof and the landlord boiler cover included will provide emergency repairs to boilers up to 15 years of age of any type (excluding solar).

Please read these documents for more information on what this policy will and will not cover.

Landlord Emergency Cover
from £109 Per Year
  • Tenant authorised for direct contact
  • Zero excess & no call-out changes
  • Covers any type of boiler (excl. solar) up to 15 years old
  • Choose £1,000 or £500 of cover per incident
  • Up to 6 claims per policy
  • Access to a 24/7 helpline, 365 days a year

Our Landlord Home Emergency Cover Includes

Examples of how our Landlord Home Emergency can help
boiler breakdown cover
Boiler & Heating

Your boiler has stopped working and your tenants have no hot water or heating. Our landlord boiler cover contractor fits a replacement part to get your boiler working again.

pipes and drains
Pipes & Drains

A burst pipe in the upstairs bathroom is causing water to drip through the living room ceiling. We appoint a landlord home emergency contractor to carry out a temporary repair to stop the leak.

toilet damage
Toilet Damage

The only toilet in your property is leaking due to a cracked toilet pan. A temporary repair is carried out by our contractor who fills the damaged area and stops the leak from causing further damage.

roof repairs
Roof Repairs

A storm has caused damage to your roof resulting in an ingress of water into your property. Our contractor covers the exposed area with tarpaulin to prevent further damage.

home security
Home Security

An attempted burglary has left your property with a smashed window. Our contractor is sent to your property to board up the window and make it secure.

lost keys
Lost Keys

The only set of keys to your property are locked inside the house. We appoint an approved contractor to gain access to your property and repair the lock.

Overnight Accommodation

Following a boiler breakdown in winter, the spare part required to fix the fault is not immediately available. Due to the weather conditions and the health risk posed by a lack of heating, we arrange for the tenants to spend the night at a nearby hotel. The replacement part is fitted the next day as soon as possible.

electrical repairs
Domestic Gas or Electric Supply

All power to your property is lost and all the lights have stopped working. We appoint an emergency contractor who replaces a faulty wire which caused the fault.

pest infestations
Pest Infestations

Your tenant has discovered an active wasps’ nest in your loft. We appoint a contractor to treat the nest which stops the infestation from causing further damage or risk to your tenants’ safety.

boiler breakdown cover icon

Landlord Boiler Cover Without Restrictions

Our Landlord Home Emergency cover provides landlord boiler cover as standard which does not discriminate based on the type of boiler you have within your property, except solar powered. The landlord boiler cover will provide protection for boilers up to 15 years of age and will source an emergency contractor to repair the boiler in the event of a breakdown. An annual service is not included, so it is recommended you get your boiler checked annually to ensure breakdowns do not happen.

Our Landlord Boiler Cover will save you large expenses and provide you with peace of mind during the cold winter months. Read our policy wording to find out what else is covered by our Landlord Home Emergency Cover.

Policy Wording

Saving You Money on Emergency Call Outs 24/7

We know that as a Landlord, you’re most likely familiar with the cost of an emergency call-out. Especially during unsociable hours or a busy period, it can be exceptionally difficult to get a contractor to come out and fix an emergency situation.

With Landlord Home Emergency, you can be sure you’ll have a contractor sourced for your emergency as soon as possible. We have access to a wide range of approved contractors who are qualified for the job and will have your property back to normal in no time.

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Our Landlord Home Emergency cover is designed to keep your tenants safe and happy at all times. In the event of an emergency, we will ensure a contractor is sent out as soon as possible to fix any issues within your property, up to a sum of £1000 (depending on your policy).

This will save you time and effort finding and appointing your own contractor – and you won’t even have to deal with the call yourself! Our Landlord Home Emergency Insurance provides authorised tenant contact, so they can call us directly if they’re experiencing an issue.

Our approved landlord home emergency contractors will help solve situations such as boiler breakdowns, burst pipes, electricity failures, toilet damage and much more. Read the policy Key Facts here.

With a dedicated team and selection of quality contractors, we work to make sure we provide the best landlord emergency cover for you.

need some help
Need some help?

If you have any questions about our landlord home emergency cover, we’re more than happy to help. You can check our policy wording or get in touch with our friendly team to discuss this policy further

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