Life insurance is there to help safeguard you and your family's financial future.

Let’s face it, no one really likes paying for any type of insurance as, in the best case scenario, you’ll never need to claim so it can seem like money down the drain. But life insurance serves an important purpose, providing peace of mind and financial security for your loved ones in case the worst happens. Having said that, why pay more than you have to for identical cover?

We offer life insurance and critical illness cover from a variety of the UK's leading providers, including Legal & General, Aviva, Zurich, AIG, Friends Life and many more, meaning you aren’t compromising on product quality, just saving yourself money. We’re able to bring you lower prices by doing two things: firstly, by charging less commission than other brokers and secondly, by not appearing on comparison sites, which enables us to cut out the commission these sites charge other providers which ultimately push up the cost to you.

The benefits of comparing with Best Price FS:

  • Simple and straightforward quote process
  • Wide range of options available from the UK's leading insurers
  • We don’t require a phone number, so you can be reassured that we won't be cold-calling you in the future

See how we compare below and then click above to complete the form and find out how much we could save you.

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Why you should compare life insurance quotes with us

Our low commission rates mean we're beating the comparison sites - see how much you can save with us.

Provider Best Price FS MoneySupermarket CompareTheMarket GoCompare
£10.16 £11.79 £12.06 £12.24 £12.24

This means you could save up to £624 by choosing Best Price FS for the same life insurance policy.

These prices are based on a 35-year old male, non-smoker, purchasing level-term life insurance for 25 years with a benefit of £200,000.
Prices are for the same LV= policy offered by each provider, and are correct as of May 25th, 2016.

Now looking at this table you may be thinking “Oh, it’s only a couple of quid a month difference” and you’re right. But you know the saying “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”? Check out this example and remember - you buy life insurance to provide financial security for your family.

Instead of paying £2.08 more than you have to every month, which adds up to £624 over the term of a 25 year policy, if you were to invest this amount monthly for the lifetime of the policy at 6% return, you would have £1,457 at the end. OK, so it’s not a life changing amount. But say you now have two young adult children: you re-invest this amount for them, again at 6% return, and every month they each contribute just £20. After 40 years this would have grown to a little over £96,000 for a total investment of £19,824. More than £76,000 for doing nothing thanks to the magic of compound interest!! And if they could both afford £30 monthly that figure rises to just over £136,000. Does that make saving only £2.08 every month just a little more interesting?

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What is life insurance?

Life Insurance is a simple, cost-effective way of making sure your debts are covered and/or your family is provided for financially if you die. Life Insurance can be used to cover mortgage repayments, to pay off debts, to fund funeral costs or for the general living expenses your family will have, such as the weekly food shop or education fees.

Life Insurance comes in a variety of forms, with differences in how and how much your policy will pay-out. Therefore, it's important to be sure what type of life cover you require before you compare quotes. See below for a little bit more about the types of life insurance we offer.

Need Advice?

If any personal issues, such as health conditions, family arrangements or the size of your estate, mean that your financial situation is complex, you may benefit from personalised financial advice. Best Price Advice are independent financial advisers based in South Wales and can provide guidance in these areas - visit their website to find out more, or call today on 01639 860111.

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Types of Life Insurance

Your cover is guaranteed for a set period of time and will pay out an agreed, fixed lump sum to your loved ones when you die. Choose from a guaranteed or reviewable premium.

This provides a fixed cash lump-sum with no health questions and guaranteed acceptance if you're aged between 50 and 75.

Your cover will decrease over time at a predetermined rate, making it useful to work alongside a repayment mortgage. Choose from a guaranteed or reviewable premium.

This provides additional cover for a serious illness, and can pay the life insurance payout in full early or a supplementary lump sum.


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Understanding Your Premium Type
Guaranteed Premium

Life insurance cover with a guaranteed premium means the amount you pay stays the same throughout the policy term. The premium will only go up if you choose to increase the cover. A policy like this may cost slightly more than a Reviewable Premium to start with, but it will provide you with the assurance that prices won't change.

Reviewable Premium

A policy with this premium type will be reviewed at set periods, typically every five years, at which point your premiums could go up or down. You may find, however, that premium payments will start off cheaper than with a Guaranteed Premium, and any changes in your health will not affect the reviews.

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