Critical Illness Cover

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What is Critical Illness Cover?

Critical illness cover (CIC) provides a lump sum if you're diagnosed with a specified illness during a set period of time. It can be bought independently, but is usually added to to a life insurance policy to give additional protection for you and your family.

How does it work?

You pay a monthly premium to an insurer, and if you're diagnosed with a specified critical illness within the period of cover you've chosen, the insurer will pay an agreed lump-sum to you and your family.

Depending on the provider and type of cover you've chosen, some policies will expire after you've received a payout for CIC. Others will give some payout and continue to cover you for your death until the end of the term, but these tend to be more expensive.

For this reason it's worth thinking about how you'd like to be protected with critical illness cover and in what circumstances. Be sure to check the policy wording for each insurer to properly understand the situations in which you'll receive a payout.

Be aware that critical illness cover will not cover all illnesses, and the critical illness would have to be one of those listed by the insurer in their policy. Monthly premium payments must be upheld to ensure the policy remains valid and like all term policies, if you do not die within the period, your policy will then expire.

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