AXA ArchitasArchitas was formed in 2008 to provide investment solutions that aim to meet the varying needs of today's investor. At the time of writing, assets managed and advised on by Architas totalled £12.1 billion.*

Architas is a member of the global AXA Group, a worldwide leader in financial services with over 160,000 employees worldwide.

Choosing investments can be a daunting experience: there are thousands of investment funds on offer but how do you know which one is right for you?

At Architas, we have simplified the process by offering a suite of funds to meet the varying needs of a broad range of clients.

Each of our funds invests in a selection of underlying funds managed by some of the most experienced and trusted investment manages in the world. By investing in an Architas fund, you could benefit from the skills of a selection of the best investors, selected and monitored by our team of investment professionals.

At every stage, our aim is to focus on delivering returns and controlling risks. We want to try to help you fulfil your investment objective, whether that is achieving growth, generating an income or preserving your wealth.

The Architas Approach

Architas multi-manager funds give an investor access to a range of different investment managers through one combined product. The Architas range of funds are "fund of funds" that bring together a mixture of investment managers, each a specialist in their own field, aiming to give you the best access at competitive fees in a single solution.

Architas scours the investment universe aiming to find the best funds and collating them into a group or portfolio. Everyone has different goals and attitudes to risk which is why Architas has developed a range of funds which aim to suit a variety of needs.

What is multi-asset investing?

Multi-asset investing provides exposure to a range of different asset classes that tend to behave in different ways in a single product. Each underlying fund has its own characteristics that make it a worthwhile holding for the long run, but there will inevitably be periods when certain funds outperform and others underperform. By investing in a number of them, the aim is to spread the risk across different types of investments.

The Architas Funds

The Architas fund ranges are designed to be suitable for a range of investors with varying investment objectives and operate under a fund of funds strategy.

The Architas Risk Profiled Funds are managed in a way that aims to control the amount of risk investors are exposed to. The portfolios are constructed in accordance with risk target levels that the fund must not excess or fall below. The fund manager selects investments in a way that, when all the underlying funds are combined, the overall portfolio remains within its targeted risk band.

Each fund is allocated a risk target or profile which acts as a guide to how much risk you may be exposed to by investing in that fund. The lower risk profile funds are less risky than the higher risk profile funds. Generally the more risk you are willing to take the greater the opportunity for a higher return on your investment. However, when you make an investment, there are no guarantees and you may get back less than you invested.

*Data correct as at the 31st March 2013

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