cofundsBest Price Financial Services use Cofunds which is the UK’s largest independent investment platform offering a huge fund range and an award winning service.

By using Cofunds as our fund administration platform of choice, we are able to pass on significant benefits to our customers.

Who are Cofunds?

Cofunds is the UK’s leading independent investment platform and currently administers over £37 billion* of investors' money. We offer an award winning investment administration service to intermediaries that enables them to pass on some great benefits to you the investor including:

  • A single account view of your investments across a range of investment products
  • Access to a huge fund range from all the UK's leading fund managers
  • The ability to switch between hundreds of funds quickly and cost-effectively**
  • Portfolio valuation statements from across your entire Cofunds portfolio
  • A streamlined application process resulting in considerably less paperwork.

The business launched in 2001 and is backed by some of the largest financial institutions in the UK and USA. Today, Cofunds is established as a leading investment platform in the UK and has been recognised through numerous industry awards. Click here if you want to learn more about Cofunds.

What is online portfolio access?

Online portfolio access enables you to log in and access information about your investments that we have placed on the Cofunds platform for you. You can use the service to:

  • Get a portfolio valuation.
  • Check your transactions.
  • Access correspondence and much more.

Is the service free to use?

Yes, the service is provided free of charge. Please remember however that you may incur costs for accessing the internet depending upon your internet service provider’s tariff.

What is a portfolio 'valuation'?

The valuation feature provides you with a consolidated value of your portfolio of investments held on the Cofunds platform. It also breaks down your portfolio into fund-by-fund valuations for your collective, bond and pension investments. Your portfolio valuation is updated at the close of each working day and is supplied with a print friendly option for you to view when away from your computer.

What is 'transaction history'?

The transaction history feature enables you to view the transactions for each holding you have on the Cofunds platform. Transactions record the date, the type (such as buying new funds), the price, units/shares and any charges that have been applied to a transaction. Transactions usually appear on the website several working days after they have been confirmed and processed, depending on the type of transaction and product.

* Funds under management
** Charges will be incurred for transferring funds

FSCS will cover your investments

You are covered for up to £85,000 per fund management group with Best Price Financial Services.

You can find more information about the FSCS on their website