Venture Capital Trusts

A Venture Capital Trust (VCT) is a publicly listed company run by a fund manager. It aims to make money by investing in small, unquoted, entrepreneurial companies and helping them grow. When you as a private investor buy shares in a VCT you get access to a basket of small companies. These are riskier than established ones but can offer significant rewards. Not only might you invest in a rising star, but you could also receive valuable benefits along the way


  • Up to 30% tax relief – save up to £60,000 on your income tax bill when you invest in newly issued VCT shares

  • Tax-free dividends – a record £398 million paid in 2017/18 alone

  • Tax-free growth

  • Generous allowance – invest up to £200,000 per tax year

  • No need to declare dividends on your tax return

  • Save with BestPrics FS lower commission rates and benefit from just a 1.5% advice fee contributions.

Benefits of AIM VCT

All the benefits of standard VCT’s with the addition of it being AIM in which is detailed below.

  • Benefits of AIM VCTs Access to “Larger” Smaller Companies:

  • AIM-listed companies are small, but by no means minnows. Companies listed on AIM have an average market cap of £98.9m.

  • As at December 2018, the companies in the VCT portfolio (excluding FTSE 100 companies held for liquidity management) had an average market cap of £92.6m, average annual turnover of £30.7m per annum and average pre-tax profit if £0.7m per annum. Price and Portfolio Transparency:

  • Because AIM stocks are listed on an official exchange, their share prices are marked to market on a daily basis, as opposed to the predominantly unquoted investments held by generalist VCTs, which are typically only valued and reported on a quarterly basis at best. Potential for Growth:

  • Smaller quoted companies are historically proven to deliver superior total returns over the long term.

  • Smaller companies tend to be under-researched compared to their larger counterparts. This creates opportunities for experienced investment managers that specialise in smaller companies, such as Unicorn, which has a strong track record in finding value in AIM stocks.

Tax Rules Comparison



3 years to qualify for tax relief however exit targets are usually 5+ years

AIM = Daily, Unquoted subject to company buy back

AIM = Daily typically 3 months from notice, but at managers discretion

Loss Relief




IHT Relief




Tax free growth



No(unless ISA)

Tax free dividend



No(unless ISA)

Income tax relief

Yes-Subject to minimum holding period



CTG Deferral

Yes - Up to £1,000,000.00



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