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Are you caught in a trap on your home insurance?

To buy home insurance online these days often involves going on comparsion sites. These sites do not offer any advice and their only job is to provide the cheapest quote (for the most commission!).

Very rarely is cheapest the best? . Most people who buy on line have no idea what their policy actually covers and do not understand the implication of the small print. They are taking a gamble on whether their home insurance will pay out or not. Buyers need to know up front if they have a good policy, as it is far too late at the claim stage to find out they were not covered.

We believe that our customers want the reassurance that they have a comprehensive policy but do not want to be paying through the nose for it.

This is where BestPriceFS can offer the best of both Worlds.We have conducted research in to a provider that offers only 5 star policies at the most competitive rate. We have selected Paymentshield as they will quote from 8 large insurance companies. Furthermore, they automatically rebroke your policy from the panel of Insurers to make sure you are getting a competitive price at renewal. This means that you no longer have to research your policy and find the best deal every year as it is done for you. Their policy covers all of the main points and has taken out the small print to make sure that customers can genuinely claim and offer a great claims service. They have been in business for 25 years and have a great reputation. Furthermore, we have applied a discount to the policy not just upfront but every year at renewal. This part of our Best Price proposition.

In essence we are providing the best of both Worlds. You have the reassurance that we have selected a good quality partner and you have the ease of applying on line yourself, it literally takes 5 minutes.

Why buy property insurance online?

Choose buildings only insurance or both buildings and contents insurance. Buy buildings insurance online to cover the structure and fabric of your property including outbuildings plus fixtures and fittings. Buildings and contents insurance covers both the structure and fabric of the building and all of your contents in and away from home.

What does buying buildings insurance online cover?

Generally it covers the structural parts and fabric of your home that aren't easily removed such as walls, roof, floors, ceilings and garages. Buildings insurance normally covers damage caused by:

  • Flooding, fire and storms
  • Structural damage caused by subsidence and fallen trees
  • Water damage to your house caused by burst pipes
  • Accidental damage, in case you put your foot through the ceiling when in the attic.

If your house would cost over £500,000 to rebuild - it is classed as 'high value'. This usually happens with listed buildings as repairing any damage may require specific materials, which can increase costs. The home insurance providers UK we use offer high value home insurance as standard. Not all home insurance companies offer this, often it's an added extra, with higher premiums to match.

Why buy buildings insurance online?

Before you buy a house, most mortgage lenders will insist that you take out a policy to cover the building. Buying property insurance online is the easy option and our online quotation system will generate the best value insurance for the lowest premiums, as we have significantly cut the commission we receive.

Roughly one in six properties in the UK is at risk of flood damage, and the number of people at risk is predicted to grow significantly over the next few decades as more houses are built on flood plains. Protecting your house and fixtures from flood damage could save you paying thousands of pounds in rebuild costs.

If you're a landlord, you may need a specialist policy that is designed for rental properties to cover the extra risks involved. Call us to discuss investment property and buildings insurance online.

Why buy buildings and contents insurance online?

Contents insurance protects your household belongings against theft, loss and damage. Although it’s not compulsory it’s a good idea to protect your belongings as it can cost thousands to replace them if they end up lost, damaged or stolen. Most policies usually fall into one of two types - ‘new-for-old’ and ‘as new’.

New-for-old does exactly what it says on the tin. Some providers will replace the damaged item for a new one, while others will offer a cash settlement. ‘As new’ policies, also known as indemnity policies, are cheaper, but they only pay out on the items’ depreciated value, as wear and tear is taken into account.

Contents insurance typically covers items like your electrical goods, furniture, jewellery, money and clothes. Basically, anything you might take with you if you moved house.

If you own a valuable item such as a family heirloom, expensive gadget or precious jewellery you can list them separately as single, high-value items. Some home insurance companies also offer a more specialist high value contents insurance policy for items of significant worth and this may be reflected in the number of quotations you receive.

Some home insurance providers may have a set limit on how much they pay out for a high-value item. So be sure to check this when taking out your policy, to ensure you get the cover you need.

Optional Extra’s include:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Personal Possessions Cover.
  • Home Emergency Cover
  • Legal Protection
  • Bicycle Cover

What should I include in my home insurance contents cover?

As a rule of thumb, anything you’d take with you if you moved house should be included on your contents policy – including items like furniture, soft furnishings, rugs and carpets. We suggest you go around your house from room to room and put a reasonable value on everything in there. It’s easy to underestimate the value of your contents, but it’s important to make sure you’re not underinsured.

What if I rent rather than own my own home?

Your landlord will usually be responsible for the general maintenance of the building, so it’s down to them to ensure their property is protected with buildings insurance.

You are responsible for any contents inside that you own, so if anything were to happen to your possessions, you would be liable for the cost of replacing them.

Shopping around to get the best property insurance online is the easiest way to save money, especially at renewal time. Compare like for like policies and make sure you get the best deal.