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travel-insurance-riskMost of us would rather not think about the prospect of having to receive medical care whilst on our travels.


But unfortunately, as many people are discovering, failing to purchase travel insurance can be a costly mistake!

On the lead up to a holiday we’re all preoccupied looking forward to new adventures, basking in the sun drinking cocktails and not having to worry or stress about anything – but the reality is that mishaps abroad can be extremely expensive and distressing, transforming your dream holiday into a nightmare.

Recent statistics show that many of us are still taking a huge gamble and travelling without travel insurance, with more than 1 in 3 younger travellers going abroad without insurance. Large numbers of us wrongly assume that credit cards, home insurance or private health cover will be sufficient, but that is rarely the case. If you aren’t adequately insured and you need to be returned to the UK, be prepared to foot a pretty hefty bill.

Medical Expenses

Health Care costs are currently rising, and tourists are exposing themselves to extortionate financial risks by choosing to travel without insurance. To give you an idea of how much holiday emergencies can mount up to, here are a few examples:

  • A stomach bug/infection treated in a Californian hospital with return flights cost £100,000.
  • A fall resulting in a broken hip treated in a Spanish hospital with return flights costs £15,000.
  • An MRI scan in Ibiza costs £1,000.
  • An air ambulance from Southern Spain/The Canaries costs £25,000.

As you can see, an accident could be devastating financially as well as personally, and although the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will try to support those who encounter difficulties whilst abroad, they simply cannot cover the cost of everyone’s medical care.

Holiday Cancellation

Cancelling your eagerly anticipated getaway is an eventuality that most of us disregard as we think ‘it will never happen to me’.  Yet, without Travel Insurance, if unforeseen circumstances mean that you are forced to abandon your holiday, you won’t receive any compensation.

But when it comes to cancellation, it’s also important to check the fine print – ensure that you purchase travel insurance which covers you in case of accident, illness, family bereavement, home emergency, redundancy and strikes to make sure that you won’t lose out, whatever the eventuality.

Personal Belongings

Travel insurance also covers your personal possessions, with insurance for any items which become damaged, lost or stolen, including your passport or any cash you have on you.  Having this is as part of your cover will definitely be  much easier than trying to work out what to do in a foreign place if you are left with nothing!

Why You Need to Purchase Travel Insurance

A staggering 42% of young people stated that they don’t take out travel insurance when they go abroad. This is mainly because they think it’s too expensive, but travel insurance costs really can be manageable, particularly when compared with the cost of care when things go wrong.

Depending on your type of cover, travel insurance can protect you from hefty medical bills as well as unexpected holiday cancellation, lost valuables & luggage, personal liability, whilst also providing emergency assistance.

So ask yourself the question, is it really worth taking the risk with your health, your hard earned cash and your idyllic holiday?

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