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Where should you invest in property in 2018? We’ve put together a few up-and-coming UK property hotspots you may want to consider in the new year.


When it comes to investing in property, you want to make sure you get it right. It’s important you find the right area and property which will keep tenants renting and keep the housing prices high. To help you find the best area to invest in we’ve taken a look at the current trends to find the areas we predict will be UK property hotspots 2018.


  • Basingstoke 


As it is so closely located to London, Basingstoke is becoming an up-and-coming area for professionals who cannot afford to live in the capital. Basingstoke has a booming employment market and many residents actually work in the town itself. Last but not least, Basingstoke also has a number of developments on the go, making it an attractive UK property hotspot 2018.


  • Leeds


Leeds is a modern and attractive city near Bradford with plenty of growth opportunities. It is home to three popular universities, making Leeds is an attractive UK property hotspot for student landlords. Additionally, student landlords will be able to buy property for an affordable price and charge higher rent in 2018.


  • Liverpool


Liverpool is becoming one of the most popular UK property hotspots for 2018. With many regeneration schemes taking place pricing is expected to rise across Liverpool, even in the student areas. Similar to Leeds, Liverpool has a thriving student population who want to live nearby. Therefore, we buy houses there as this area is a good investment for student landlords who want an affordable property with high rent yields.


  • Hull


House price growth and consistent rent demand are expected to make Hull one of the UK property hotspots 2018. Named the City of Culture in 2017, Hull has a variety of historical charms. Furthermore, Hull has a very high level of young residents making the purchase of small starter-homes a good investment this year.


  • Salford


Property Investors should not ignore the thriving tech industry in Salford. Massive TV companies have recently moved office to Salford, confirming Salford as an an up-and-coming property hotspot 2018. Not to mention, thousands working in the tech industry would love to live in the tech hub that is Salford.


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