Excess Insurance: The motor excess protection geared for you

Motor Excess Protection is designed to protect you against the risk of having to incur a motor policy excess payment or deduction in the event of a claim under your motor insurance policy. Covers cars, motorbikes and small vans.

See the full range below, starting from just £19.75 a year.

The benefits of our excess cover:
  • Up to 40% cheaper than buying with another provider
  • Cover provided by Motorplus, a UK leading excess insurer
  • Access to a 24/7 legal helpline, 365 days a year
  • Flexible start date - choose when you want your cover to start
  • Covers cars, motorbikes and small vans

£250 Excess Protection


£500 Excess Protection


£1000 Excess Protection


How do we compare?

When it comes to buying Motor Excess Protection, it pays to shop around. But with premiums like ours, why would you go anywhere else?

The table across illustrates the lowest yearly Motor Excess Protection premiums available against other leading excess providers. Comparison is based on the level of annual cover, but there may be some variations in exact cover. See key facts and policy wording for our full range of benefits.

Please read these documents for more information on what this policy will and will not cover.

For affordable cover, we're leading the way.

Insurance Provider £250 Cover £500 Cover £1000 Cover
Best Price FS £19.75 £29.75 £39.75
Shortfall £22.70 £33.95 £44.85
Driver Guardian £29.00 £39.00 n/a
Goodbye XS £33.00 £38.00 £48.00
Insure4excess £35.00 £49.00 n/a

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a quality, affordable alternative to buying cover with your motor insurer. You'll get the same peace of mind on the road, all for up to 60% cheaper than a typical car insurer.

This policy will cover the named holder of the policy along with anyone else who is entitled to ride or drive the insured vehicle (and is covered under a motor insurance policy).

This policy covers you in the vehicle you're insured to drive. This includes cars, motorcycles and small vans.

Motor Excess Protection from Best Price FS is underwritten by Motorplus one of the UK's leading claims management and insurance product specialists. With a dedicated team and over 25 years of experience; they are proud to offer a level of expertise you will find hard to match.

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