Who Can Invest ? This Service is available to the following investors:


Any individual; be it in a sole name, jointly, or on behalf of a child under the age of 18.


Charities, trustees, companies or partnerships may invest in the Model Portfolios.


James Brearley & Sons are an HMRC authorised ISA Manager. It is therefore possible for you to invest in the Service via a James Brearley & Son’s administered ISA. This may be via a contribution to an ISA for the current tax year, subject to the annual contribution limits, or by transferring existing ISA arrangements to their administration.


Subject to the terms of the pension scheme.


Overseas investors may invest in the Service through the offshore life companies listed below. The Service is not available to UK resident investors through offshore life companies.

Download Managed Portfolio Application Form Download Managed Portfolio Service Brochure

The SIPP and Offshore Life Companies may vary from time to time. Please download and read the Managed Portfolio Brochure for the latest list.

How to invest

Applications for the Plan must be submitted via Best Price Financial Services. If you are investing into a new ISA the application must be received before the 1st April. This will enable us to process your application and forward it on to DFM James Brearley & Sons.

Please note: Once cleared funds are received James Brearley & Sons immediately invest into your chosen Managed Portfolio(s).

1Firstly, print off and complete our Appropriate Assessment Questionnaire. All applications require two proofs of identity - see the questionnaire for more information.

2Next, click Download Managed Portfolio Application Form, print and complete the application form available. Note that the application will have multiple documents, so please choose the one relevant to you..

3Place all completed documents - questionnaire, proofs of identity, application form and cheques for payment made payable to James Brearley & Sons Client Account. - in an envelope and post to:

Best Price Financial Services,
The Tythe Barn, 5 Eglwys Nunnydd,
Margam, Neath Port Talbot
SA13 2PS


Once you have completed and submitted your Managed Portfolio Service Application Form and your Subscription has cleared, the Administrator and Custodian will issue you with an acknowledgement letter covering the following items:-

  1. Confirmation of the amount received and the Model Portfolio you wish to invest in (see Investment Flexibility).
  2. A note of any Adviser Fee that you have authorised.
  3. Details of your cancellation rights (see Cancellation Rights).
  4. Clarification of the date that the first of your half yearly valuations will be issued (see Reporting).
  5. Your personal access rights to view your Portfolio via the Online Valuation Service (see Online Valuation facilities).

If the Administrator and Custodian encounter any difficulties in processing your Application Form they will either contact your Financial Adviser, or request additional information directly from you.

Your Investment Amount will be held in a Cash Settlement Account or ISA Cash Account pending investment by the Investment Manager.

The Administrator and Custodian will provide you with a Confirmation Note for each transaction placed by the Investment Manager for your Portfolio.

Each new Investment will immediately appear in the Online Valuation Service, as will any subsequent changes that the Investment Manager feels are appropriate. When deciding to make changes to your Portfolio, the Investment Manager will not give consideration to your capital gains position. As such they may place transactions for you which lead to you incurring a capital gains tax liability.

Investment Flexibility

The minimum initial Investment Amount, net of fees into the Managed Portfolio Service is £10,000 per Model Portfolio. There is no maximum investment.

Once you have made an initial Subscription, you can add any amount with a minimum of £10,000 to your Portfolio at anytime.

Cancellation Rights

Following acceptance of an Application Form, the Administrator and Custodian will write to you confirming acceptance and enclosing a Cancellation Notice.

Can I change my mind?

You may exercise your right to cancel the Investor Agreement by writing to the Administrator & Custodian within 14 calendar days of receiving the Cancellation Notice.


A valuation report will be issued to you as at the 31st January and 31st July each year. This will include a performance statement for the period where the movement in your Portfolio will be stated alongside the FTSE WMA Conservative Stockmarket Portfolio Index. Each half yearly report will also include a statement of any income received over the period, all transactions undertaken by the Investment Manager and a record of your Cash Settlement Account and / or ISA Cash Account. You will be issued with an Annual Nominee Report by the Administrator & Custodian. This will include, amongst other things, a valuation of your Portfolio as at 5th April, a consolidated tax certificate in respect of all income and interest generated by it over the tax year and a capital gains report.


All correspondence relating to the Service will be issued to you either by email or via secure mail which you will be able to access via the Online Valuation Service. Whenever James Brearley & Sons place mail in the secure mail facility, an email notification will be sent to you informing you of this.

Online facilities

In addition to being able to view a current valuation of your Portfolio via the Online Valuation Service, this facility also supports your ability to view your Cash Settlement Account and/or ISA Cash Account, a transactions history, a historical valuation of your Portfolio at certain dates and the gains and losses generated by the Portfolio for the current and previous tax years.

Download Managed Portfolio Application Form

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