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Cut the cost of your car insurance by doing these three things

Picture this: it’s first thing in the morning and you’re just making your way downstairs to put the kettle on. On the way to the kitchen you pass by the front door and bend down to pick up the pile of mail that’s on the mat. Or maybe you’re just arriving home from work and as you open the door you bend down to pick up the pile of mail from the mat. That bit’s irrelevant.

Is your apathy costing you dear?

So you sit down to go through the mail and find a letter from your car insurance company telling you that your policy is due to expire in 14 days, giving you details of your new premium (as well as what you paid the previous year) and advising you that your policy will auto-renew if you don’t let your insurer know that you’re cancelling. You’re either happy with your new premium so put the letter to one side thinking that that’s all fine, and relieved that that’s one of those annoying tasks that you can now forget about, or you’re not, so you put the letter to one side promising yourself that you’re going to get online and hunt for a better deal. Two weeks later, the letter’s still sitting there, you’ve never got round to sourcing an alternative provider and now you just kind of let it go. In either one of these scenarios you could be doing yourself a disservice. But you’re not alone.

Apparently, according to recent research, one in six drivers allow their car insurance cover to auto-renew for another year without checking if the price is competitive and only four in ten bother to switch provider. This means that three million drivers are paying £800 million more than they need to. If you were involved in an accident this car service, can help you repair your car.

At a time when car insurance premiums are at a record high, shopping around for a better deal could save drivers tens if not hundreds of pounds.

Save money on your car insurance with standalone motor legal protection and excess protection policies

There are other ways to cut the costs of motoring too. Many people buy motor legal protection without thinking as an add-on to their car insurance policy but drivers could save £20 or more by purchasing this cover on a stand-alone basis. I have heard reports of a Barrie car insurance company that is helping their clients save by advising and allowing drivers to opt for a higher excess on their insurance policy to reduce their insurance premium and only purchasing an excess protection insurance policy if actually necessary. As long as what you are paying for the policy is less than the saving you’re making by opting for the higher excess on your insurance you’re quids in.

So why hand over more of your hard earned cash than you absolutely have to? Find out about Best Price FS’ motor legal protection policy here https://www.bestpricefs.co.uk/motor-legal-protection and our excess insurance policy here https://www.bestpricefs.co.uk/car-excess-insurance and start saving money.