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Less than 1 month left to use your ISA, Pension, EIS and VCT Allowances……

Following the investment market hyperbole of the Christmas Crash, the global stock markets have recovered strongly – leading to ‘investment regret’ in January.

The state of Global politics remains disjointed but the underlying issues seem to have ‘settled down’ considerably, with investor sentiment improving substantially.

Our Best Price FS investment models have performed exceptionally, given the market turbulence, and have delivered strongly on both the falls and the gains, against the relative Benchmarks and peers.

Allowances – use them, don’t lose them –

Don’t put off using your tax allowances any longer…. There is less than 1 month left to the end of the 2018/19 tax year ending so the clock is truly ticking down to the close and the allowances available…..

As a reminder, your ISA allowance is £20,000 and you can pay as much as you earn, up to £40,000, into a Pension in the current tax year….

Our investment solutions are best of breed – both in relation to Structured Products – and advice services…. We are Independent Financial Advisers so we access product wrappers and investment solutions to suit the needs of our clients, without any bias or restriction.

If you would like to receive ‘advice’ simply get in touch.

The process and journey is easy and painless.

Warmest Regards.


Best Price FS Team

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