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Structured deposits and structured investments are two very different types of investment. Today we will be looking at what exactly structured deposits are.

Though they both come under the term of structured products, these two products offer different things. If you are thinking about investing in these structured products, it is necessary that you understand the risks and benefits of the plans you choose. Therefore, to help you with this we have put together this infographic explaining what structured deposits are in an easily digestible form.

It is necessary to ensure this is the right investment for you – so, what are structured deposits?

Find out more below.

What are Structured Deposits?

 Where Can I Invest in Structured Deposits?

So now you understand the risks and benefits, you may be wondering where you can invest in this type of plan. Here at Best Price Financial Services, we offer a structured deposit plans from a variety of providers. From Investec to Mariana you’ll find products from many well-known companies.

Our arrangement fee is also much lower than any other structured product providers. With an arrangement fee of only 0.3%, you could save on average around £300 per investment. You can use the calculator on our page to figure out just how much you will be saving.  Try the calculator here.

To find out more and browse our structured deposit plans, just click here to see our full range.

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