What is Over 50s Life Insurance?

As you'd expect, this type of cover is specifically designed for those aged 50 and above. It provides a tax-free lump sum for your loved ones but crucially, unlike many other types of life insurance, acceptance is guaranteed. There's no medical screening and as long as you're aged between 50 and 75 you're eligible for this cover.

The benefits of our Over 50s plan

Exclusively from Shepherds Friendly, a leading provider of this specialist cover, our Over 50s Life Insurance has the great benefits of:

  • Whole of life cover with a fixed, tax-free lump sum for your family
  • Guaranteed acceptance for anyone aged between 50 and 75
  • Fixed premiums that'll never rise, starting from just £10 a month
  • No health questions or medical screening
  • Option to add additional funeral cover

Is an Over 50s plan right for me?

This type of life insurance is designed for those over 50 looking to leave a sum to their loved ones to help with funeral costs and other matters after they're gone. As there is guaranteed acceptance with no medical questions, this cover can be particularly useful for individuals with health issues or other complications who may find difficulty purchasing a regular policy. If, however, you're fit and healthy, then you may find cover to be more affordable with a standard life insurance policy - try a life insurance quote now.

How can acceptance be guaranteed?

Acceptance is guaranteed as unlike standard life policies, no medical questions are involved in the application process. Provided you're over 50, and usually no older than 75, the only details required are the amount of cover you'd like and whether or not you smoke.

What if I die within the first two years of the policy?

Life cover in these plans is not usually included for the first two years of the policy, unless death is accidental. This is to avoid people with terminal illnesses using it as an immediate payout without contributing to the plan sufficiently. If the policyholder is unfortunate to die within the first two years, then most providers will refund their payments up until that point to their loved ones.

Mortgage Life Insurance

Your cover will decrease over time at a predetermined rate, making it useful to work alongside a repayment mortgage.

Level Term Life Insurance

Your cover is guaranteed for a set period of time and will pay out an agreed, fixed lump sum to your loved ones when you die.

Critical Illness Cover

This provides additional cover for a serious illness, and at diagnosis can pay the full sum assured early or a supplementary lump sum.