Driving Licence Insurance, included as part of Gold Motor Legal Protection, is a simple and affordable way to protect your driving licence.

Like many things in life, it's only after you've lost your licence that you realise how much it means to you. Being without it can have a huge impact on not only your lifestyle but your finances, which is why it makes sense to protect it. Gold Motor Legal Protection can help you keep your independence, all at the least expense to you.

Prices start from just £54.75 a year, and don't forget, this includes all the features of Silver Motor Legal Protection too.

You can choose from 4 levels of monthly benefit, offering you between £500 and £2,000 a month to help fund alternative travel arrangements if we're unsuccessful in defending you from a driving ban.

Find out how you can insure your licence below.

Gold Motor Legal Protection

£54.75 Per Year

  • All the features of Bronze & Silver
  • Executive cover for drivers with 6 points or less
  • Up to £2,000 a month if you're disqualified
  • 4 levels of benefit to choose from

How it works

£100,000 of Motor Prosecution Defence cover

If you face prosecution for a motoring offence which may lead to a ban, we'll provide legal representation or cover costs up to £100,000.

Suitable for drivers with 6 points or less

This includes points for an offence committed prior to the start of the insurance period which have not yet been added to your licence.

Cover for prosecutions under the 'totting-up' rules

Cover for a wide range of offences including speeding, but cannot be used to challenge a Fixed Penalty Notice. Find out more.

4 flexible levels of cover to choose from

Set your level of benefit to an amount that suits you. From £500 to £2,000 a month, this cover will truly meet your driving demands.

Up to £2,000 a month if you're disqualified

Receive a benefit of up to £2,000 a month for a maximum 12 months if we're unsuccessful in defending you from a driving ban.

Access to a 24/7 legal helpline 365 days a year

Phone calls in countries outside of England and Wales are available 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public and bank holidays.

How can Driving Licence Insurance help me?

After a driving ban, the simple everyday journeys that you used to take for granted can suddenly become a lot more complicated. Buses won’t get you everywhere, and although taxis offer more flexibility, their convenience comes at a cost.

Driving Licence Insurance is a smart way of minimising the inconvenience and expense that driving disqualifications can cause. The expert legal representation it includes should mean you’ll never have to experience losing your licence, but if you do, the monthly benefit it provides can be used to fund alternative travel arrangements to make sure that you sure you can still get from A to B. After all, losing your licence shouldn’t mean losing your livelihood.

Helping high-mileage drivers

Whether it's for work or leisure, if you're a high-mileage driver then you're likely to be more reliant on your car than most. Therefore, getting where you need to be without a driving licence would be far more expensive for you than your average driver. Gold offers 4 levels of cover, giving you the insurance that really does meet your driving demands.

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