Finding you the Best Price Tax-Exempt Savings

In association with Shepherds Friendly, we are able to offer you these fantastic Tax-Exempt Savings Plans. This allows you to save for any plans you have in the future without paying any tax whatsoever when you withdraw. If you are saving for your child's future, yourself or any other reason, these Tax-Exempt Savings Plans will help you get there.

Who are Shepherds Friendly?

Shepherds FriendlyKnown for reliability, trustworthiness, competence and care, Shepherds Friendly Society has grown from a traditional insurance provider to a modern broadly based financial organisation. More than 180 years on, it's still good to know that, as the company continues to go from strength to strength, our values and principles still remain true to that of the original founders.

Saving with Best Price Financial Services' Tax-Exempt Savings (in association with Shepherds Friendly) means you choose how much you want to put away monthly or annually, and our partners Friendly Society status means special tax benefits that many other savings plans simply can't offer.

Saving & Investment Plans

Young Saver Plan

young saver plan

Our Young Saver Plan is designed so you can save from just £7.50 right up to £100 a month, knowing there won't be a penny in tax to pay on the growth of the fund or on the final lump sum payout on maturity at age 18 or after 10 years if later.

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Junior ISA

junior isa

Junior ISA lets you save regularly to offer your child a head start in life.

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University Savings Plan

university savings plan

If your aspiration for your child is to give them the best possible start in life with a university education and the many benefits this can offer, helping to cope with those escalating higher education costs is to start saving regularly from the earliest stage possible.

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Bonus Plan

bonus plan

Our Bonus Plan is designed to help you save for the future with special tax advantages and guaranteed life cover too!

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